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Thread: Magtech ammo

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    Magtech ammo

    What is everyone's experience with Magtech ammo. Bought some .38 Special at a LGS today.

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    Grandmaster bcannon's Avatar

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    I havent used any Magtech handgun offerings but have used their 556 77gr otm with very good results.

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    Grandmaster red_zr24x4's Avatar

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    I bought a couple of boxes of the 9mm offering.
    Functions great in a Sig 226 and G43
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    Marksman joncon's Avatar

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    I've used 9mm and 45acp, never had a problem.

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    Master Tyler-The-Piker's Avatar

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    Are they owned by the same co. that is Sellier & Bellot?
    I've had nothing but success with both brands in 45acp, 380, and 357
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    Yes it is. From the Magtech home page:
    "Magtech is a member of CBC Global Ammunition, the holding for a group of companies internationally active in the ammunition sector: CBC Brazil, Magtech Ammunition USA, MEN Germany and Sellier & Bellot Czech Republic."

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    I have shot tens of thousands of rounds of their 9mm and 5.56 FMJ offerings with no issues. It isn't the cleanest ammo but is far from the dirtiest. It is however reliable.

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    Several thousands of rounds of 9mm. No issues at all. My purchases were from several years ago though.

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    My experience has been the same as others (though I've only used it in .380): Magtech ammo is good enough for practice.
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    These guys use Magtech by the truckload and swear by it. They say it is as reliable as anything they've had. If it were particularly dirty, they wouldn't use it. They have to keep the guns clean and the amount of ammo they go through is staggering.

    Just as an FYI, they also like Lucas gun oil, too.

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