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Thread: Favorite reloading case trimmer

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    Favorite reloading case trimmer

    What is your favorite hand crank lowish volume Reloading case trimmer?

    Iíve read Several mixed reviews and leaning towards L.E. Wilson.

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    I like the Lee case gauge trimmer. They are easy to use and I run it with a battery drill.

    I have a Frankfort case prep center its set up for bulk 5.56mm case trimming. Like it too. But if I'm just going to prep under 100 cases I just use lees instead.
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    I've had an L.E. Wilson for decades and love it.

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    Little crow is my next one. Got a bunch of military brass I need to do.
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    I have a RCBS, a Lyman and an old Herters but not familiar with the Little crow or the Wilson.

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    L.E. Wilson case trimmer is awesome.
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    For small round use and manual, I would buy the Manual RCBS Case Pro and order the complete three way cutter heads in the caliber you need.
    They will trim and chamfer the inside and outside of the neck while trimming. And with buying separate cutter heads you dont have to set up the cutter head when changing calibers. You just change the case holder and unscrew the cutter head and install the one you need and set the length.

    I have the same machine thats powered and a Giraud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patience0830 View Post
    Little crow is my next one. Got a bunch of military brass I need to do.
    I'll 2nd the little crow for volume trimming. If I'm making 8mm or 7.65x53 out of 30-06 brass then the Lee works better for me.

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    Giraud Tri-way is what i've finally settled on.
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    I have been using a Wilson for decades and see no reason to change for low volume case trimming.
    For large volume I use a Giraud case trimmer. Both work well for there intended purpose as does the occasional Trim Die.

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