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Thread: R.I.P Ammo

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    R.I.P Ammo

    Picked up a box of rip in 9mm anyone ever shot these, they almost look like a novelty round

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    They are generally considered a novelty round.

    Messy, shallow wound without much penetration.

    Been hiding under a rock or making a run?

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    Check Active self protection youtube channel on ballistics performance. Poor. I'd recommend Fed, Winchester, etc. and study on what works best in studies. Might be fun to shoot into water jugs though!

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    I thought this was a thread claiming all ammo is now deceased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keagan2828 View Post
    Picked up a box of rip in 9mm anyone ever shot these, they almost look like a novelty round
    Thats an interesting name of ammo. Never heard of it.

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    While novelty ammo comes in all sizes A good general rule stick with standars for caliber weights so for 9mm it would be 115 to 147 gr range with actual Police shootings having an edge with 124 to 147gr range

    Also the main makers Speer, Federal Win, Rem, Sig etc

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    The idea was to cause more bleeding thus stopping the bad guy faster if a vital organ was not hit.
    I personally think Federal has a better deal with it's Federal Syntech defense rd.

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    I would be afraid to carry just due to the name. Wouldn’t look good in court..? Anyway, I’ve read some reviews, research. I’ll pass.

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    Supposedly good stuff in ballistic gel, but then gel makes a lot of crap bullets look good. Unfortunately the human body isn't gel. Skin, bones, fat, muscle all have differing densities and hardness and varying densities really degrade the performance of this ammo with the only portion of the bullet that actually does much is the very small core.
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