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Thread: Low Flash .223

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    Low Flash .223

    Have any of you fellas sought to develop .223 / 5.56 with reduced muzzle flash as part of your specs?
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    I was thing about this very recently also. Wondering what existing information is out there already, but internet searches are usually crapified because of commerce steering you to purchase options.
    My experience so far at least. A good chance that low flash performance would be at the cost of full power ballistics, but this is just a WAG on my part.

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    I believe all of Accurate's powders have flash suppressant added.
    I use lots of WC844 and WC846 and I believe they both have suppressant added.
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    Potassium nitrate and sulfate. Something comes to mind about them.

    Not tellin you what to do, if anything, with either one.
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