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Thread: Ammo turn in, LaCrosse Wl.

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    Ammo turn in, LaCrosse Wl.

    Disposal on the first 5 pounds is free, $5 per pound afterwards.

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    I will be having an ammo turn in event at my house this weekend as well. And I will only charge $4 per pound after the first 5. Primers will be accepted for an additional fee.

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    What... I'll pay them $5/lb for it.

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    I'm at 6$
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    It must be 2020...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiscuitsandGravy View Post
    It must be 2020 Democrats...
    Dems (Politicians/MSM/Tech/etc): Replace Free Speech With Curated Information

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    Seriously might be worth driving up there and parking a block away with a sign that reads "I'll pay YOU $5/lb. for your unwanted ammo."

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    Just when you thought you had heard it all, they come up with one more!

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    Wow, just wow. The sheeple there must not be aware of the ammo situation that's going on right now.
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    I am going to be very surprised if this nets even 10 rounds of ammo.

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