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    Cool stuff. I was thinking of getting the Paco Kelly Accurizer in celebration of my Single Six. It seems like the Rimfire Central's guy's bullet uniformer needed a drill press though.

    Your revised hollowpoints should really mangle up some treerats! It may even help shorter barreled guns (like my Single Six ) expand these bullets in small game and assist in making already inconsistant .22 even more accurate!
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    if you wouldnt mind shoot a few into some water jugs or wet phone book and post the results...this could be a very viable alternative come SHTF but i would like to see the technologly proven first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Smith View Post

    If you're having trouble getting your hands on hollowpoint .22, I'd recommend going over to RFC and talking to D Rock.

    Josh <><

    Hey, Josh, I happen to agree with you, although I don't have one of D Rock's accurizers yet. Still on the get list, tho
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    drive up to kendleville Wallyworld they have a load of 333


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