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    .30-06 bullet selection: gameking vs. matchking vs. ?

    OK, I've got a new reloading project coming up. Been looking for a left hand bolt gun for a long time, and so when a fellow INGOer had a LH Savage 110 in .30-06 for sale, I couldn't pass it up.

    The only time I've shot this gun was just before I bought it. With the factory iron sights, I got a sweet group at 100 yards with the standard American Eagle 150gr ammo.

    Next I'd like to see what this gun can do with a custom hand load. Since it liked 150gr so well, I thought that would be a good place to start. Also, I have a Garand, and it would be a good thing if my reloads would be Garand compatible.

    Primary purpose of this load will be range fun, to see how accurate I can get with this gun. That got me thinking Matchkings - always had good luck with those.

    On the off chance I might take this gun hunting some time, I was wondering if it might be a good idea to play around with Gamekings instead.

    If you've loaded both, how do they compare for accuracy? If it helps, I don't anticipate shooting beyond 300 yards.

    If you have another favorite 150gr bullet for .30-06, please share.

    Appreciate any other tips or suggestions that might apply. I do know I will be playing around with the COL so ideas about where to go with that would be appreciated too.
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    Sierra does not recommend using their Matchking bullets for hunting, they are for target use only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tenring View Post
    Sierra does not recommend using their Matchking bullets for hunting, they are for target use only.
    this... if it might be used for hunting, you might as well do your accuracy testing with a round that can be used for hunting to prevent duplication of efforts.

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    I guess I wasn't being very clear...

    I'm not talking about hunting with match bullets, I'm talking about punching paper with hunting bullets.

    If there's a noticeable drop off in accuracy, I'll just stick with the MKs with the realization that I'd have to change to something else if I ever go hunting with this rifle. If there isn't much accuracy difference, I'd go ahead and use the more versatile bullet to begin with.
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    For a dual purpose load, Garand and bolt gun, I would use either 150 Gamekings or 150 Matchkings. I think Sierra still makes the Matchkings.... I don't think you will see a nickle's worth of difference between the two bullets given the rifles you will be shooting them out of. I have never seen any bullet shaving when shooting Soft Point's out of any of my Garands.

    There is no way for me to know if a 150 load for the Garand is optimum for your bolt gun though. It should be pretty good though.

    I would work up a good load for the gas gun then try it in the bolt gun.

    Good luck.

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    The Garand probably won't notice the difference, but the Savage might.

    SMK and GK are also in 168/165 gr. I wouldn't count on the Garand to stabilize the heavier bullets (180+)

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    I have found the Sierra GameKings to be very accurate in both 6.5 mm and 30 cal. The 150 gr. SBT GameKing, the 165 gr. SBT and 165 gr. HPBT GameKings are very accurate in my rifles. It will take a very good rifle to tell the difference in accuracy between the 150 GameKings, 165 GameKings and the 155 MatchKing, and the 168 MatchKing. The Garand should stabilize the 175 gr. HPBT MatchKing as well. I know the Savage will. Enjoy your range time with your rifles.

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