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    Glock 29 10mm everything else is childsplay

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    Indianapolis, IN US
    As of this morning, Avon Wal-Mart has plenty of .40SW (the Win 100rd value packs, and the Federal stuff which is a couple bucks cheaper per 50), at least two Win 100rd value packs of .380 FMJ @ $33.xx, and plenty of 9mm (both Winchester white box and the overpriced black-and-orange box stuff that others have reported). Plenty of Federal .22 bulk packs, as well.
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    11pm.last night-Bedford Wal-mart. WWB 45,9mm,40,32,25. Plenty in each caliber-amazing. 20-25 boxes of Federal 22 bulk packs also. Many other calibers also. I haven't seen this much ammo at any WM for a long time...........

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    Anyone know where I can find some .357mag for my wife's pistol so I can have an excuse to go shooting?

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    Crawfordsville Big R has .45 ACP ball and JHP ammo, .357 Mag JHP, 9mm ball and JHP, .40 S&W ball and JHP, .357 Sig of some sort, .500 S&W, .45 Colt, .44-40, .44 Special, .22LR and short, .17 HMR, .25 ACP, and probably others. Ammo case was full yesterday.

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    Westfield / Carmel Wal-Mart has:

    11 boxes of Winchester .45 ACP - PDX1
    4 boxes of bulk Federal .22LR (love this stuff)
    Too many boxes of bulk Winchester .22LR
    Lots and Lots and more Lots of .40
    18 boxes of the black/orange RUAG 9mm Luger, $17 for 50 rds

    I saw another thread that called it RWS, I think its the same stuff

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    was in brownsburg walmart this morning the just recceived supply clerk said lots of .40S&W,.45ACP,.223,.22lr,9mm lugar,and quite bit more

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    Avon Walmart has 7 boxes of 9mm WWB
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    Meijer's in Anderson had like 3 or 4 dozen boxes of WWB .38sp, 50rd boxes. I can't remember the price.

    They also had 3 or 4 boxes of Winchester .357mag

    I'd never seen so much factory .38s in one place before!

    I would've bought some, except I'm pretty well stocked from reloading

    I was tempted to buy up the .357 though...

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    Greenfield Walmart

    Walmart in Greenfield finally has some ammo. Was there this morning and they had 9mm, 38spl, 40s&w & .45auto

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