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    Get Your Ammo Here!

    This thread is going to be a sticky to help clean up some of the "I saw ammo at Some Ammo Store for a Really Great Price!" threads. If you find ammo somewhere and want to make an announcement to let your fellow INGOers know about it, please post it here.

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    Cabela's online Has tons of ammo in stock, including cases of 1000 rounds of .223 for $215

    Free shipping on many items as well

    Cabela's -- Tula .223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJ Rifle Ammunition with Dry-Storage Box

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    South side Wal Mart in Lafayette has 38 special 100 rd value packs in stock.

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    86th street walmart had 6 boxes of 100 round value pack .45, plus some boxes of personal protection .45. Also had .40, .22, .223 and some other calibers.

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    Franklin walmart has 9mm, 40 cal and 45

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    im not sure if im allowed to post "looking for x" here so you may need to delete this

    if you see hornady 22mag 30 gr vmax ammo send me a pm

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    elkhart wal-mart on C.R. 6, few boxes of .23 and .32 auto, 1 box of remington .357 (50 round) 33.97$, and 2 boxes left of .38 special (100 round bulk winchester) 30.97$

    [around 8:00PM today]

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    saw lots of 9mm in west laf. walmart, 4 boxes of white box .45, lots of federal .40, 1 box of .357 mag fmj, several 38 spl.
    this was early morning(5 am).

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    CarmelS/Westfield Walmart had 20 boxes of RUAG Ammunition 9mm Luger FMJ, in 50 rd boxes, $17ish, a little .45 ACP - 2 boxes or so, tons of .40, 100 rd boxes of .38 spl, at least 2 boxes, 25 auto, 32 auto, and a lot of rifle ammo, including .223 and 7.62. They also had value boxes of winchester .22LR.

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    Mejier in Avon has a TON of 124gr 9mm. Not sure if it's FMJ or HP or the brand, but it's in a Black and Orange box. I always pass it up because it's 124gr, but it's been there for a month or more now. They did have some Winchester 9mm two days ago and LOTS of it. Might still be some.

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