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    I see tickets are sold out. I wonder how many were sold?
    "Get Out There And Enjoy Life" - Access Mobility, Inc.

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    16 tickets sold sir

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    It's going to be a blast. see you folks in a few hours!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ol' Huff View Post
    After some experience I am convinced an old piece of carpet is best. Its cheep, easy to find, you won't care enough about it to get bent out of shape when it gets mud on it. that sort of thing.
    As a "mud dobber" from the HCFG shoot last fall I have to politely disagree. Plenty of us were happy to have Ol Huff tramp his uber-muddy boots on our Midway USA mats. The carpet doesn't roll up to transport easily and is MUCH heavier than a similar sized shooting mat.

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    Man ohhhh man. you guys are all asleep dreaming of trigger control and here I am just getting ready. see you folks tomorrow. remember it's very beneficial to sleep in the prone! that is how I got hooked. keep that diagram off the ground so you can breathe lol

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    Thumbs up Great time & recommend it

    Well it certainly seems like you have the sleeping part down pat, Pat!
    I had a blast, met some very nice people, learned some American history and even improved my shooting skills somewhat.. I will be back and hope to bring my daughter. Thanks again Matt, Hernando and Pat.

    PS The wife says she keeps the 'diaphram' up high alright...especially when the British are coming, The British are coming

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    It was a good event; even if I only got there half of it (Saturday). Nice to meet you NAD63 & Spitfire. Thank to the instructors Matt, Hernando and that other homeless looking guy uh ... Pat. LOL ... I know of 1 patch. was hoping for more AAR's. ah well.

    "Brother" Bill - BB3 - Information Analyst, Indiana Moms Against Gun Control

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    Wife and I really enjoyed ourselves. We learned a lot about the history that you don’t ever hear about. Lifting the veil to hear the truth was troubling but enlightening. The history lesson shows us that we must keep our guard up. And we learned a great deal about how to shoot. Holding the rifle lightly, aligning your body in the prone, breathing control, squeeeeeeeeeeeeezing the trigger, calling the shot and so much more… these things I never knew about. I pine to learn more. I am very disappointed we did not make it back Sunday. There were things that happened Saturday that prevented us from returning. When we left I was really looking forward to Sunday but sometimes something has to give. Matt, Pat and Hernando… thank you for all that you did. I was impressed with your preparedness and the content of your history messages as well as the practical marksmanship instructions. Hernando’s roll as being the senior demonstrator was really helpful. I watched him “do it right” and I tried to do it like him. I appreciate you guys. It was also a treat to meet such nice people… the other shooters. All in all it was a great bunch. I know there is much still to learn. We will be back.
    "Get Out There And Enjoy Life" - Access Mobility, Inc.

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    From another area where I shared my Saturday AAR:

    Well the bad news is no patch ... now that this is out of the way -
    those wanting to throw me under the proverbial maple tree can (ed. inside joke.)
    I did have a Samuel Adams Boston Lager in honor of the events /history learned at dinner; that about did me in. LOL.
    (yes just 1).

    But I hope you'll keep reading.

    Event; June 15-16 Appleseed at MCF & G in Indy.
    (I only was there on Day 1; since today is father's day and there is stuff planned and expected of Dad/Papaw)

    First off: Kudo's and +1's around for Matt, Hernando and Pat the instructors. Good Job. Looking forward to the next time I get out ...

    Got there and got setup. Some one who is good at twisting arms wasn't there right away.

    anyway. we got stuff set up and Grunt finally made it; Safety briefing in and some history on the Marksmanship of the early colonial militia. There were about 11 of us total on the line. So we go shoot our first redcoat targets.

    BTW - if I Gloss over the history it is because, while my memory is good on the stories; to try and recount them would be a disservice to the history, and the RWVA insturctors who know it. GO TO ONE OF THESE EVENTS.

    In here is where I must point out that I was using my Marlin 989M2 (1976-77 model); that has been having lots of FTF's and FTE's over the last 2 yrs. Topped with a walmart Tasco 3-9x40 buck sight set at 3x all day (which while crap in some aspects is TONS better than this POS irons the gun came with), and a sling made of an old nylon luggage strap (not intended for this purpose) ... Grunt's sling wouldn't fit (1" stock swivel on my gun vs 1.25" sling/clip) so I stuck w/ the sling I had. OH - an my shooting mat was piece of card board with some fleece blankets (see note on this below)...

    When I got into positions, and took aim. I found that my heart rate was up (I could tell). Yup. Not Deer season, but I wasn't just trying to shoot a round paper target for fun. There was some pressure (which is good) ... anyway I got that under control a bit ... I managed to nail the 100, 200 yards redcoats 3x easily. 300 yard target I was on the edge of the redcoat - but 3 hits counted; whew. Sadly only 1 of 3 on the 400 yard target. I also hit the 250 head shot solidly.

    So we start on some group targets, I fiddle with the sling a bit and the improve a bit; While I have heard most (if not all) the lessons of the shooting skills - there were things that this put together for me; not radically different; but clearer and in a way to practice it with more focus than I often do; so the groups were better and worse and better. I'll leave it at reading doesn't build muscle memory. One surprise was when i adjusted the scope it cooperated mostly. I had to do this since i zeroed it at 25 yds and we shot a 25 meters. (my bad) ...

    ANYWAY. switched to standing and I did fine; but my one target had too many holes. ... next target was good.
    Seated. First target i shot was OK group, but high left. I had tried cross legged and couldn't bend down to get a good NPOA*
    (* attend and you'll learn about this, I'm not giving away all the tricks) the 2nd target was better; I tried a different sitting position. Then we did transition to prone; the only problem here was I couldn't count ... did 8 and 2. 1 was just touching the dark portion of the target, the rest were in.

    There was history and lunch all thrown in there up to this point. Thing were going well and I was feeling good. I wasn't worried about the stray hits (it'll happen, right Grunt? LOL)

    So we shoot our first AQT trial with transitions and all that. Standing - first shot - FTF (DANGIT!!!) but plenty of time, reload it; hit it Bang, good, rest of mag - GOOD. OK. 2nd Stage: CLICK *(WHAT *&&^^!!!!!!!!!)* - dont' remember if I reloaded it or not. I got 8 shots off it all; rushed after the click - NOT good; this is a harder position to get into (see ** below) ... 3rd stage - better - but only got 9 off (not 10) - all in the solid color target though. 4th stage - not at good. did I tell you I can't count and shoot? I wasn't getting set very well; and my heart rate was up again. I wanted this, putting pressure on myself.

    ANWAY - we went down to the targets - 12 to 13 holes in stage 1- WHUT? - also 15 in stage 4 WHUTWHUT. drat. not that it would have mattered; I know I didn't shoot well enough, even w/o the malfunctions. Too many of the hole were in the 'white' portion of the target to score and too few in the dark portions. oh well.

    Didn't even add this one up. so we post up our Red Coats again. This time I am much more settled. Nailed 100, 200 again. 300 I called this a 'missed 1' at the event and I will let that stand; but there might have been an extra hole. I had circled my first shots and when I got home there was a 'double hit' in that circle (breaking the pen mark) that I noticed after we left. If that was mine - I got 300 as well. 400 yds - NAILED IT this time. head shot? We called that nailed it again but my neighbor lane to the my right shot my target too (high) - He had been high off and on all day - where as I was more low or L/R than off vertically.

    1. Equipment -
    1.A - FTF (fire all times it happened) - SUCK. I now have plans to finally learn to strip, clean and replace (worn) parts. I have no idea on round count but I'd guess that 5K rounds is the minimum at this point through this gun. I am hoping that this helps; for all types of shooting and uses of the gun.
    1.B - Sling - a real sling might have held is position better. Sling mounts will be upgraded and a real sling obtained. ASAP.
    1.C - Scope - well it's adquate - but I still plan to upgrade. Not sure I could have even seen stage 4 targets w/o it. certainly NOT with the irons that are stock. New Vortex 1.75-5 or not I will continue to work on this. (AAoptics is waiting patiently on this order )
    1.D - SHOOTING MAT - this was a big thing. It was OK for a stage/round of shooting or two. BUT what I used slipped around too much. which made finding and staying in a position difficult. My feet slid on me 2 or 3 times while standing.

    2. SKILLS:
    2.A - RADICAL? NO - nothing I learned was radically differnet from what I know or understood; but they make it clearer, with good explanations as to WHY, and through the training it helps to build consistent repetition. It puts it together.
    I realize I have to focus on things a certain way; just like I do with other skills / sports.
    2.B - FUNDATMENTALS - The way the program is built (and I'm assuming day 2 continues this, I'll revive the thread when I get through 2 full days later this year) it build on solid fundamentals. Practice what you learn a bit, and well If I get to, I expect to beat the average and have patch next go around. Some of the habits I have been working on w/ the Pistol, I need to focus on more with the rifle. Putting it all together - that is the trick.

    3. OVERALL
    3.A Marksmanship - this is the fun part of the day. If you like to shoot, even if you're 'pretty good' (I know I'm good at trees - haha) it woudl be fun way to work on skills. if you're that good that you can't benefit from it; I'd be surprised. If you're that good - then get involved and get a red hat (givent time, yeah, I might want one).

    3.B History - this was the great part. I payed attention in school; took some history in college - I remembered many of the names, general parts of the 'big picture' of the events. but the level of detail; accounts and stories - make it way more personable to you. AWESOME JOB!!

    3.C Overall - A Great Day, Great Event. GET TO ONE. GO NOW. Already trying to recruit / push family to this. I knew I'd enjoy it. The hard part is getting those that 'don't like history' and don't have an interst in rifle shooting - but they need to hear the story too. It give a great appreciation to the heritage of our country - what it WAS supposed to be; what it COULD be.

    3.D THANKS - to GRUNT for pushing me to attend. and the lessons / assist / history etc. Grunt, Spitfire, and Hernanod all did a great job. Great Day!

    Foot note:

    Spitfire (Shoot Boss) and I are both MCF&G members. I planned as we wrapped up, to stick around and run an AQT on my own to see if I could do it; especially since my first one got messed up. The Instructor stuck aroudn to help w/ timing and such.
    This to me shows the level of committment the instructors have. THANKS GUYS.
    Sadly, this turned out to be a total disappointment. First run - I went 2 minuted and 5 rounds w/o a shot going off.
    so we started over w/ a fresh mag ...
    more FTF's - but I got 7 off. GREAT - more frustration.
    2nd stage. another FTF - 7 shots off, ran out of time, but would have been 8 but that was a click again too.
    3rd stage. Going good - but ... WTF only 5 in the 2nd Mag? NO!!!!!!
    last stge: BETTER but now I was frustrated and not focused as well. I got out of my cadence. better groups/score, but last 3 were all low. (6's) - good group all touching, but CRAP.
    I'm not sure that w/o the frustration and FTF's I'd have made it; but that didn't help.

    I added it up at home to 141. yeah. I'll go practice. I'll be back.
    Q.U.I.T. is a 4 letter word. I don't use those or know what that means.

    BTW - did I say if you haven't been - you need to go to an appleseed? GO NOW. dang it.
    "Brother" Bill - BB3 - Information Analyst, Indiana Moms Against Gun Control

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    The official AAR is up over on the Appleseed forum. Here is a link. Please stop in and leave us some feedback be it good bad or indifferent!

    It was a great weekend. Thank you to all you great Americans for showing up and enduring!

    Indianapolis, IN June 15-16 2013


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