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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler-The-Piker View Post
    you've got my business now,
    Thank you and we will look forward to meeting you at Atkinson Firearms.
    Atkinson Firearms
    545 Christy Drive, Suite 2400
    Greenwood, In 46143

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    That's very generous of you. I know somewhere I'll be going when I'm off around Christmas.
    It's ok! I'm an INGO member!

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    That's a very generous offer and I hope that you get plenty of impulse buys off of the goodwill you give to the gun community for this.

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    Stopped by and met the owner, Sean, and his daughter this afternoon. I'll certainly be going back.
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    Very Generous! Well done!

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    Very nice. I know of another shop, one that I frequent and that happens to be an INGO favorite, that doesn't want people doing private transfers in their lot. Now before anyone gets upset, I fully understand and respect that their decision is based on liability issues that may arise from random people selling guns in their parking lot. I know that when I meet someone for a private sale, I'm usually in the mood/position to spend money and that's why I prefer to meet someone at a place that I'd be going to anyway. +1 Atkinson Firearms, I'll keep this in mind for the future.
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