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    used reloading equipment

    Do you buy used reloading equipment?

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    It's preferred in most cases

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    Yup! If the gear looks ok and the price is right I do. About half the dies I own are older than I am. I also deprime everything on an incredibly old rockchucker I bought at an estate sale.

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    I was wondering whether Bobcat bought used equipment. thanks!

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    Looks like an ad in the classifieds might be popular.
    Lollipop Killer!

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    Buy RCBS or Dillon used and both companies will still honor their forever warranty.
    There are plenty of RCBS presses out there that have changed hands two or more times and multiple decades old still running strong.

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    Owner at Bobcat Armament

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bflo View Post
    Do you buy used reloading equipment?
    We do, yes. What do you have?
    Bobcat Armament
    1632 E State Road 44
    Shelbyville, Indiana 46176

    Open Tuesdays-Saturdays 11AM-6PM

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