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    Using winch to get to firewood

    It is time for me to get cracking on firewood. Does anybody use a winch to pull large logs out of the ravines and off hillsides to work on level ground or does everybody cut where they lay and just make trips up and down?

    Just trying to think of a smarter way to do things and it seems to make sense.

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    Madison county
    I live and madison county. WE don't really have hills. Hancock county is even flatter.

    I did watch the loggers show on history channel and they basically used a winch so I think you are on the right track, but yes if on a hill i just get sone young help and make the trips.

    I try to get most of mine out of the flat fields where they have fallen into the crops since the farmers will give it to you if you get it out of the way so they can plant/harvest.

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    I don't cut firewood, but I have used my winch to move trees. We do trail maintenance in a DNR park a couple of times a year. Invariably there are downed trees across trails. If they are too big to move, we section them into manageable pieces and winch those to where we want them. My 8000# winch can drag a decent sized (18" diameter, 20' long) tree up about anything. SO much easier than doing the work on the side of a ravine or in a tight spot.

    The wood needs to come up the hill anyway. I'd rather do as little work at the bottom as possible!

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    I would much prefer using a wench to get my firewood.
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    I use one of these. I don't know how gnarly your hills are and whether you can get one of these in there or not. This grapple bucket has saved me countless man hours. For bigger logs, I'd pick up one end and cut it at waist level. This thing would grab massive piles of brush to move out to the field as well.

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    We use a Backhoe, but in a pinch we have used my 4x4 and a log chain.
    Evansville has lots of hills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie View Post
    I would much prefer using a wench to get my firewood.
    Beat me to it.
    Medium speed. Moderate drag.

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    Got plenty of downed trees when I lived with my parents using a winch at the Morgan-Monroe forest. Of course this was over 25 years ago, but I'm planning on building a home made glycol radiator system if I can get everything to fall into place. If this happens I'll be back into getting firewood again.
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    I have a wood stove insert and use wood heat during my days off in the winter. When I had it installed back in 2005, I also ordered a cord of wood (I believe that is what I got) from a tree place. It was pretty cheap, as the price of wood went up along with oil, natural gas, etc.. I also downed five trees over these past years and don't have all that much wood left. I am planning on splitting some wood out back, but I will likely run out within two winters.

    I noticed that there are some "free wood" ads on Craigslist and other similar sites. I also know that my dad and my uncle went down to the Hoosier Nat'l Forest and purchased the rights to down one tree and take the wood. I was able to find some information about that, but nothing with a lot of details.

    Anyways, what is the best way to get firewood? I don't have access to a truck, but can get a trailer, but it isn't something I can just do on a whim. Are there any places that sell wood pretty cheap if you pick-it up? I am east of Indy, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I have some seasoned wood that someone can have. I would need it gone by Thursday latest. Most of it is cottonwood but there's some ash mixed in. I can only guess the quantity... maybe 4-5 ricks. The fascist state cut down some of my trees and left me the wood. I am leaving the property soon so if you can haul it... you can have it. Western Hancock county... PM me... first come first served.

    Also... I have a wood burning stove. I may be selling it cheap. If you might be interested, PM me for pics... we can negotiate a price. Also need it gone by Thursday.


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