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    Smile Is there nothing they can't fry or put on a stick?

    Yet another bacon variation- deep-fried cheddar bacon mashed potatoes on a stick

    You might want to check out the source at "Top 10 New Foods at the 2010 State Fairs" for other goodies including fried beer.
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    and to think it all started with deep fried ice cream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulF View Post
    The bunny is legion. It cannot be banned.
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    Looks like fried vomit!

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    A good week to be in Evansville if you like that kind of stuff. Fall Festival is in full swing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnb62 View Post
    A good week to be in Evansville if you like that kind of stuff. Fall Festival is in full swing.
    I thought this was for sure a Fall Fest thread, but the TS lives in Indy.
    You are now breathing manually.

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    I had a deep fried twinkie for the first time, this past weekend, at Seymour's Oktoberfest. It was AMAZING. I had to order it secret squirrel style because I was embarrassed to order it loudly and proudly. I'm so ashamed.

    Yes, it was worth it. Yes, it was disgusting. Yes, I would do it again.
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    mashed potatoes...french fries??

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    That picture may look disgusting...But I just bet it was AMAZING!!

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    Another sweet sweet WIN.

    Say no to drugs. Say yes to bacon!

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