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    Quote Originally Posted by Scutter01 View Post
    Welcome to The Official INGO Beer Snob Thread!

    The rules of this thread are simple: Drink a craft beer and post a review. The idea is to locate craft beers available in Indiana and try to introduce them to your friends on INGO. Please limit your reviews to one review per post. While I'd like to encourage discussion of a particular beer, please try to stay on-topic so the thread doesn't get cluttered with a lot of extraneous posts.
    Remember that you have to actually post a review of the beer. "It's great!" is not a review. Tell us why you like it in more than one or two sentences. Who makes it? Where did you buy it? Why should we buy (or not buy) it? What kind of food does it go well with? Should it be drunk cool or ice cold? Remember that this is a "review" thread, not a "this is a picture of my favorite beer" thread.

    You can use one of the other reviews in this thread as a template:
    Name of beer
    Alcohol content and size (if non-standard)

    Letter grade:

    You don't HAVE to follow this format, but we'd like to see more detail than "I drank this once and it was good!" C'mon, we're BEER SNOBS!


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    I also tried and love the Wee Mac Scottish Ale from Sun King Brewing in Indianapolis. I know someone else mentioned it, but this is an actual review.

    5.3% ABV
    Dark, hazelnut color

    This beer definitely has a bit of a "chewy" texture. It is as close to a traditional Scottish Ale as you're going to get from an American micro-brew. I have had it from a can twice and it was served near ice cold and was great. I have ordered it draft as well and when it was cold it was equally great, but definately lost its greatness as the temperature rose. The flavor is sort of sweet with just enough body to back it up. It is not for the faint of heart, and if you are a fan of the American "light/lite" beers, this is probably not for you. If Guinness is too dark for you but you do like "darker" beers, you will find this highly enjoyable. I highly recommend Wee Mac Scottish Ale and give it an A. The other offerings from Sun King are great too.

    You can try this beer at Kilroy's Indy. They have it on tap and in cans. It is also sold in cans in many local liquor stores.
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    Dreadnaught IPA
    Three Floyds Brewing - Indiana
    9.5% ABV

    I'm not a beer snob but I wanted to take part in this so I found one of the most expensive beers at the liquor store and a bonus was it's made in Northern Indiana

    Appearance: Looks like beer. Not very dark. See pic

    Smell: Fruity

    Taste: Like ass. I took it out of fridge opened it and let it sit for 10 minutes. It tasted fruity and had a bitter after tase. I let it sit longer and as it warmed up it tasted much better to me.. Lesson learned.

    Mouthfeel: Fruity beer

    This set me back nearly $14.00 and I won't buy it again. I drank Upland Wheat when I lived in Bloomington and would much prefer to drink that and save money.

    Grade B-

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    Stone Brewery Double Bastard Ale
    Appearance very nice dark amber color
    the head was like a real nice stout, creamy in color
    Taste was pretty strong at first, and not too bad, but after half of a glass, it was rather bitter, it came in a 22oz bottle I muddled my way through it, and is was 11% abv, by the end of the bottle I was not enjoying it, ok the buzz was nice!...not driving<-----
    Now, I've had beers in England, and Germany, and even the British bitters were not as strong. I knew I should have got the Lefthanded Sawtooth bitter ale! Next time I go to Buckhead's I will!!
    If you buy this give it to someone you don't like...... Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture
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    Regal Double Pilsner
    Breckinridge Brewery, Denver CO
    7% ABV

    Appearance: Honey golden and clear, with a light, amber head that hangs around like a hooker you forgot to tip.

    Smell: Almost no odor whatsoever.

    Taste: A very sweet, toffee start, showing off a lot of malt, with a heavy, bready middle. It finishes off with an herbal, hoppy bitterness that lingers. It's a weird mix of flavors that don't really add up to a comfortable beer.

    Mouthfeel: It has a fairly chewy, oily texture to it and the high alcohol content offers a sharpness that counteracts any smoothness the malt has to offer.

    Overall: As a pilsner, it's hard to enjoy. It requires a little bit of work on the part of the drinker to embrace. The harsh alcohol sting and the hoppy bitterness really fight with the sticky sweetness of the malt and you end up with a bit of a mess of flavors that don't complement one another very well. I'd give this a C+. On the whole, I would have preferred one of Spasmo's Bartles & Jaymes Mojitos. This was Number 2 of the Pick-Six from Mr. G's in Noblesville.


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    American Amber Ale
    Rogue Ales, Oregon, USA
    5.6 ABV

    Appearance: Dark amber color

    Smell: Coffeeish

    Taste: Coffe / chocolatish malt taste.

    Mouthfeel: Nice

    Overall: I liked it. Cost me $6. Easy to drink (smooth) and tasty. No bitterness

    I'd give it a B
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    Upland Brewing Company Oktoberfest

    Appearance: Clear amber with minimal head and lacing.

    Smell: Mild malt with a touch of grass. Very mild.

    Taste: Carmel and malt with some grassy hops.

    Mouthfeel: medium body and medium carbonation. Clean finish.

    Overall: Well balanced and somewhat mild. I look forward to enjoy this easy drinking brew throughout the fall. B+.

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    Bell's Batch 10,000 the last of a series

    For awhile Bell's has been brewing a one off for every 1000 batches of brew I started with 7k and have bought a sixer every since. They have all been really good and this was suprisingly no exception.

    Our owner Larry Bell remembers going through his brewing supplies and making the last homebrew out of whatever malts and hops were left from his brewing months. With this being the motivation behind our last commemorative batch series beer, we combed through the catalogs of many malt and hop suppliers to source 100 different malts, grains, and other fermentables. This is balanced by the addition of 60 different hop varietals between the kettle and dry hopping.

    Appearance: DARK brown almost black Thick creamy head and great lacing

    Smell: Hoppy and strong, very malty on the nose, smells like my type of beer.

    Taste: Just how it smells really dark roasted malts, sweet and then a bit bitter at the end.

    Overall: I was afraid with all of the ingredients thrown it it was going to be a bit of a mess but it was a pretty good strong ale. Not the best mind you but not bad. I have a few more of these that are aging and we will see how they do

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    I love super full bodied heavy tasting beer and this is the best one I have found so far:

    Huge flavor, 5.6 ABV. Deep amber color. I love it. A little pricey, but well worth it. I recommend all beer critics give it a shot if you have not already.
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    Flying Dog Brewery
    Gonzo Imperial Porter
    9.2 ABV
    12 oz Bottle

    Appearance: It is a very dark - nearly opaque – brown/black, as a porter should be. The head is tan in color with fine lacing.

    Smell: It has a very spicy smell with a bit of coffee and chocolate. You can definitely tell by the smell that they weren’t shy with the alcohol content.

    Taste: The boozy smell carries over to the taste. Definite roasted malt with a hint of hoppy citrus in the background.

    Mouthfeel: Medium bodied for a porter, not so thick that you can chew it. Nice moderate carbonation. Goes down smooth.

    Overall: I’m not wild about the fact that it comes in a four-pack (for a six-pack price). It’s “brewed to honor the life of Hunter S. Thompson,” and is emblazoned with the HST quote: “Good people drink good beer.” While I like Hunter S. Thompson, I think this is a bit of a gimmick.
    I had it cold out of the refrigerator, and as it warmed up a little bit the flavors came out a bit more and was more enjoyable.
    It’s a bold, strong beer and I enjoyed drinking it. I’ll probably get another four-pack to enjoy, once there is some snow on the ground; a good winter brew. B+
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