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    Wee Mac +1

    +1 for Wee Mac from Sun King:
    5.3% ABV
    23 IBU
    Roasted Scottish Malt with toffee undertones
    Low carbonation
    I fill up my 64oz. growler on Fridays for $5 and grab a few samples of seasonal efforts (once was Java Mac, yes brewed with coffee)
    My absolute favorite is the bock version of Wee Mac, they make in February (liquid bread its good for you!)
    I have not had it yet, but Sung King (Market & College Indy) is aging some of this in oak whiskey barrels (it smells awesome) - I hope they "can" some of this.

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    Wheat Beer
    Napa Smith Brewery, Napa, CA
    4.6% ABV

    Appearance: Light honey gold with a thin head. Very slight cloudiness; probably the clearest wheat beer I've ever seen.

    Smell: Almost no smell, which is fairly typical for a wheat beer.

    Taste: This beer has a very light and crisp taste to it. Very little hoppy bitterness to it, with just a hint of citrus and spice and almost no wheat.

    Mouthfeel: As noted, it's very light, both in flavor and in texture. The carbonation is there, but it's not at all aggressive. Finishes very cleanly with almost no aftertaste.

    Overall: I'm told that this beer uses lager yeast and 1/2 wheat, which probably explains the clarity of the pour and the lightness of the malt. As wheats go, it's pretty disappointing, but I also tend towards lighter, sweeter beers so this actually suits my tastes pretty well. Were I looking for a Hefeweizen, I would look elsewhere, but if I were looking for something cool to drink after mowing the lawn, this would be a decent enough choice. I give it a B-.


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    This review is Samual Adams Noble Pils, which is a seasonal brew. This beer is again hopped up, but a pilsner rather than an ale. It isn't as strong as an ale. This one has a beautiful golden color with a floral scent, & a little spicy with no real after taste, just a good burp to remind you that it
    's good beer.Alcohol content is 4.9BV which is also less than ale's, so a couple won't kick your butt. A couple liquor stores in my area have been selling various beers close to their expiration date by the CASE for $9.99, which is a deal. Sometimes I find Sam Adams, & Sierra Nevada at that price. Enjoy.
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    I before e except after c.

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    Guinness Black Lager
    Guinness, St. James Gate, Dublin
    4.5% ABV

    Appearance: Thick, chocolate head, oil-black body. Looks just like a Stout with a typical Guinness head. The anemic 11.5 ounce bottle left me feeling shortchanged, especially when poured into my giant INGO stein mug.

    Smell: Chocolate malt, with a hint of toffee.

    Taste: The taste is very similar to a standard lager, with a hint of Guinness Stout bitterness mixed in. Starts out very mild and then the roasted barley kicks in nicely. Does very well ice-cold where a regular Guinness likes to be a little warmer.

    Mouthfeel: It's got the lightness of a lager without the thick, chewiness of a stout. Smooth and slightly creamy.

    Overall: I know that this is not a craft beer in the sense for whiche I started this thread, but I've always been a fan of Guinness Extra Stout and I wanted to give this one a try. It's marketed as a "Black Lager" of the American style, but it's really more of a German schwarzbier. The slight sourness of a Guinness Stout is evident in this lager, with the plain easy drinkability of your standard lager. Where you might be tired of a Stout after just one or two, you could probably drink the Black Lagers all evening. That said, it's only fair-to-middling in the schwarzbier field. It's not the best I've had, but it's not the worst, either. I'll enjoy drinking the remaining bottles, but then I'll probably move on to something else.

    I get the feeling that Guinness created this to market to people who just couldn't drink the oily chewiness of a traditional Guinness Stout. In that respect, I feel that they'll probably find a small niche audience. Unfortunately, savvy drinkers will look for something more palatable, while traditional lager drinkers will probably stick with their national-brand favorites. I give this one a solid C. Try it if it's there, don't go out of your way to seek it out.


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    3 Floyds Zombie Dust

    Pours with a finger of fluffy thin head that falls to a thin cap of foam that stays for the duration. The lightest haze is present in this orange/gold colored beer. Some strands of carbonation escape. Just a splotch of lace.

    Aroma is bright and fresh. A blast of citrus, but the more you enjoy the light toasted malt comes through.

    Nice APA. Fresh flavor, bright. Toasted malt beneath the green grassy and citrus hops. While very hop forward, this is still definitely an APA vs. IPA. Some nice fruit mid palate.

    Body is still fairly light and bright. Refreshing beer.

    Really good. Not a Daisy Cutter classic, but very very good.

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    Bell's Porter
    Brewed in Kalamazoo, MI.
    5.6% ABV.

    $4.25 at the Heorot Pub and Draught house in Muncie, IN.

    Moderately thick, very dark, with a fairly thin head.

    Slightly sweet, with a hint of oak.

    Very high amount of roasted barley flavor, adds a borderline sweet taste to this porter.
    Very low "hoppiness,"
    Little to no bitterness.
    Loves to be served ice cold, but flavor does not deteriorate as quickly as some other porters as the temperature rises.
    Great choice for a Fall beer, although I wouldn't recommend it during the warmer months as it can be a bit of a chore to drink.

    I also wouldn't recommend drinking this, or many of the other Bell's Brewery beers from the bottle. They are much better in a glass.

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    Robert The Bruce
    Scottish Ale
    Three Floyd's Brewing Company
    Munster, IN
    7.0% ABV

    Anywhere from $3.50-$6.00 a pint depending on location.

    Very dark, almost black. Appears to have a cream like texture. Very small but thick head.

    Sweet, hints of caramel, and fresh barley.

    Taste:'s like the best sex you've ever had. Only it's a taste.
    Very mild, absolutely no bitterness whatsoever.
    Not overly sweet, but definitely has a caramelish type of after taste.
    Texture is similar to a Guinness Stout, but the taste is perhaps the closest thing to a polar opposite.

    Letter Grade:


    This is in my top 3 favorites as far as regional/craft beer goes. I highly recommend it.

    Again, I wouldn't drink this one out of a bottle either. A pint glass is your best friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scutter01 View Post
    Remember that you have to actually post a review of the beer. "It's great!" is not a review. Tell us why you like it in more than one or two sentences. Who makes it? Where did you buy it? Why should we buy (or not buy) it? What kind of food does it go well with? Should it be drunk cool or ice cold? Remember that this is a "review" thread, not a "this is a picture of my favorite beer" thread.

    You can use one of the other reviews in this thread as a template:
    Name of beer
    Alcohol content and size (if non-standard)

    Letter grade:

    You don't HAVE to follow this format, but we'd like to see more detail than "I drank this once and it was good!" C'mon, we're BEER SNOBS!


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    Yuengling Lager
    Brewed in Pottsville PA
    4.5% ABV

    Generally $3-$4.50 for a pint

    Amber in color, small but tasty head

    Slightly hoppy, with a hint of caramel. Not a very aromatic beer honestly.

    First off, I absolutely love this beer. I'm not normally a lager fan, but this just does the job for some reason. The taste is very similar to all of the standard major lager's, Budweisser, Miller, Coors, etc., but without that one little characteristic, varying from beer to beer, which keeps all of those others from being truly great.

    Letter Grade:


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    Yuengling is my favorite lager. Unfortunately, it's not available in Indiana. However, I've recently learned that it's just become available in Ohio, and one of the distributors is based in Cincinnati. That's a much closer drive than Tennessee!


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