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Thread: "Whenever I'm in _____, I have to eat at _____"

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    Dad always went on about The Big Top
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    How could I forget! Washington and the White Steamer!
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    Iím not sure about the Big Shoe. In fact, I donít think Iíve been there before.
    My car always stops at The Copper Bar whenever I go to Terre Haute. Fried Mushrooms and Italian Beef Sandwich.

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    Lafayette - Budges Drive In (aka Budges Burgers back in the day) Small, greasy hamburgers... the kind where the grease soaks through the bag.

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    Whenever Iím in St Louis I have to eat at IMOís...........multiple times.
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    Lafayette - I have to agree with Doggy, Budges on N.14th for old school burgers and a Chocolate Boston shake.

    West Lafayette - Brunos just below Chauncey Hill for pizza.

    Louisville - Mussel & Burger Bar on S.7th for a wide variety of foods but they have the most amazing burger selection I've seen and yes their mussels are delicious. If you have the chance you need to give them a visit. By far not your ordinary burger joint, top shelf establishment.

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    Cuba, MO. Friscos steak house, best ribeye there is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snorko View Post
    40 years ago I would agree.
    Quote Originally Posted by chevyguy View Post
    Not quite that old, but I still like it

    They do (or did) have a buffet that was OK. Before the brothers split and the restaurant was run by the father off Hwy 41, it was really good. Great strawberry pie to boot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowrs View Post
    I hear people say this, around here yeah their Stroms are awesome but there is much better pizza to be had. Are there better Pizza Kings?
    Not all Pizza Kings are the same.
    When I am in Greensburg, the wife has to eat at Pizza King.

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    Sault Ste. Marie, West Peir or Clydes. Some great greasy burgers.

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