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View Poll Results: Meet and shoot at Kodiak Range

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    3 23.08%
  • SUNDAY, FEB. 5

    2 15.38%

    3 23.08%
  • SUNDAY, FEB. 12

    7 53.85%

    0 0%
  • SUNDAY, FEB. 19

    3 23.08%

    5 38.46%
  • SUNDAY, FEB. 26

    4 30.77%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    North-Central Meet, Eat, and Shoot at Kodiak Range

    The last meet and shoot went great. Met a bunch of INGOers, and got to throw some lead errr, I mean compressed zinc downrange. The thread and AAR can be found HERE.

    Now it's time for another. I'll make this a poll so we can choose the best date that works for everyone. Once we get a date confirmed, we can move this to the events section. This will take place at Kodiak Firing Range & Training Facility in South Bend. We are looking at doing this on a weekend sometime in the afternoon. The last one was at 3:00 pm, but we can do it earlier if needed.

    Last time we had chicken wings, brats, hot dogs, and of course BACON!
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    Any day as long as it isn't Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. (Classes at Purdue at IUSB) I look forward to meeting some more of ya'll.

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    I added a poll option. Feb 4 and 25 work for me. I'm busy the rest of the weekends.
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    I was intentionally glossing over Dick’s bags

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    The only weekend I can't is the 4th and 5th.
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    Count me in if it's on a Sunday. Probably not on a Saturday, though. I'd love to try out Kodiak and meet some of you guys.

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    I am coaching basketball Saturday mornings and Church on Sunday morning..I should be able to make an afternoon if that's an option.

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    I'm pretty flexible as long as I have enough advance warning.
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    25th is the best for me
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    Sweet. I missed the last one... I will be at the next one!! Maybe I'll have a new toy or two by then as well..

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    My work schedule is all over the place throughout 7 days a week with pot shot days off. I'll lay low and see when it's scheduled and decide if i can make it.

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