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    Don't know who labeled that video truck vs 442 but he obviously thinks that 2 stripes make a mustang a 442.
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    Go to diesel l nationals at IRP. you will see some daily driver trucks run 10's or better

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    This space intentionally left blank.

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    While watching tv the orher day I noticed this pickup and I remember seeing it on INGO.

    This guy is now on Street Outlaws on Discovery.

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    Holy Crap!

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    Love the show... some of the fastest cars in the midwest. Some of the drama seems staged like most TV shows, but those dudes are the real deal.
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    That show has to be staged (I know, it is reality TV), especially the cops not being there while they race. The few times the cops have been in the show, it looked like some of the cop cars had the word "police" on magnet billboards on the side of the car.

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    Just another example of a good ol' country boy taking them city folks to the whoopin shed

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    love the show

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    It's staged.... I used to do the street racing thing and lived in OKC for a while. Guys don't set up the huge spot lights or park their truck and trailers for all to see, trucks get parked around the corner out of sight, no big flood lights, no paying off security guards or anything.... If you wanted to race someone you found them and asked if they wanted to go the everyone decided on a place to go that night many hours later and it was already like 10pm.

    The stuff they put on the ground is a form of home made VHT called pimp juice... It has been around since like the early 2000's and if I remember right was made by someone in OKC and it does work! At one point you could buy it online, I'm sure you still can.

    im not a fan of the in maturity in the street racing crowd, guys not paying their mortgages to buy car parts and putting the cars over their familes is very real and not drama that discovery is putting into it. All the trash talk is mostly drama (keep in mind I used to be apart of the car scene out there).

    most would not consider those cars street cars when they are driven to and from the races on a trailor, murders car has a very high dollar pro line engine in it, good luck finding someone with one of those willing to drive one on the street other than to race it. To many people call a car a steet car when in reality it's a race car that is only actually driven off and on the trailor.

    im sure discovery channel makes aragements with the cops. No way to load the cars and pack up those flood lights fast if someone yells cops.

    It's a show that is loosely based on reality.

    I know of a local 55 chevy that is blown and alky injected that runs 6's in the quarter that you sometimes see cruising.... Those cars are considerd street cars by their owners just because they race on the street..... Not because they are actually street driven....

    there are MANY cars out there that are that fast... You just don't see them doing stupid stuf on the street because that much power on the street is just suicide outside on cruising and giving it some gas here and there. I can think of quite a few guys here in town that would be in the top 3 on that show easily. It's not as impressive as they make it out to be, many people are at that level..... They are just smart enough to keep it off the street and tracks that are not prepped well.

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