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    Whatever happened to Michelob?

    Several years ago, Michelob was considered a premium beer. Somewhere along the line, when I was not paying attention, it morphed into something I don't recognize.

    Can one of you beer experts direct me to the beer made today that tastes closest to Michelob of 1985?

    (Please do us all a favor & withhold your anti-Michelob comments.)

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    I don't Know..... I drink Bud LIGHT .....
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    Michelob is still around I don't think it changed just not very popular with all the Microbrews being just a little more. Stay away from the mich calorie counters and mich dark ect.

    I used to get mich in a keg. I think it tastes best that way, Neighbor had a keg cooler. Find a good pub and get one on tap. The six pack at the local store may have set around a few years.

    You want a cool, light and somewhat mild pilsner. Bud light, coors light might be close but just not a light on the beer taste. I liked Michelob as a young man because it tasted like water (Light on taste of beer) and the ladies would drink more of it than the heavier tasting bud's. little kings and strouh's we drank back then. Happy ladieswith more BAC normally made me a happy man.

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    Still around as far as I know, at least I know they make the Michelob Ultra because that's what I was drinking at the company Christmas party, it was on Tap. I'm usually a Coors light guy, but the Ultra tasted pretty good.
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    Mich classic is still available. You just have to look a little harder for it. Nowadays it seems all the "men" want a beer that is like having sex on a boat. F***ing near water.

    I dont drink anything that says "light" "lite" or anyother way they want to screw up perfectly good beer.

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    when inbev bought ab they cut down august bush's michelob hop fields in idaho and now buy the least expensive in the global market... michelob was his baby... now its just another also brewed...

    you will freak on all the beers that inbev has in their line up...

    same thing with miller... its now miller coors molson...

    inbev... most of them are not even listed here...

    millercoorsmolson... they gotts more than this too...

    some of those $8 six pack you think are micros... nope... comes out of the big breweries owned by one of these 2 players...

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    Michelob still is available at the Walmart near me, and I think the Meijer. That's what I drink, so I am sure to buy some whenever I see it. Like someone said, though, Inbev is pretty much killing the brand off in favor of all the microbrews and other crap out there. Sorry, but the seasonal pumpkin spiced ginger bread microbrew just doesn't do it for me and if it has Ultra, Light, or Lite on the bottle I steer clear of it.

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    When I used to throw darts years ago Michelob was my fav drink. I used to drink it in about every form it came in. Mich dry, Mich Light, and reg Mich.
    I thought I read it and Miller High Life were not going to be sold too much longer. I never did understand why Mich cost more even though it was a domestic beer it was considered a premium beer or that is why they said it cost more.
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    You may think I'm crazy for saying it, but Pabst Blue Ribbon still tastes like my favorite beers from the 80's (Michelob, Old Style, etc.), and I read somewhere that PBR still wins taste tests around the globe every now and then.

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    Mic was never premium beer; they just tried to market it as such.

    If you just want a cheap buzz Steel Reserve is always there for you.

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