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    A Real of Fake Creature?

    Mud can make you prisoner and the plains can bake you dry
    Snow can burn your eyes, but only people make you cry
    Home is made for coming from, for dreams of going to
    Which with any luck will never come true
    I was born under a wandrin' star

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    Expert ryanmercer's Avatar

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    Real. Quite real.

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    Extremely real creature. Scientists will be researching tardigrades for decades. They're the Superman of Earthly lifeforms. They'll be here long after we're gone.

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    Plinker jballs's Avatar

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    Looks like imagery from an electron microscope.

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    Home on the Range chocktaw2's Avatar

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    Reminds me of a guy I work with.

    Always got his fingers in everybody's business.
    Just because you're at the center of the Universe doesn't mean you're in it.

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    Marksman Boonl1776's Avatar

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    Grandmaster MikeDVB's Avatar

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    Real or not, that's one funny creature.

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    Grandmaster JetGirl's Avatar

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    And now we know...

    ~No matter how responsible she seems, never give a monkey your gun.

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    Grandmaster SmileDocHill's Avatar

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    I've dated worse than that.
    Putting firearms' contribution back in our history makes a more complete telling. Teaching marksmanship in that context deepens the understanding. Revere's Riders, because history involved guns!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmileDocHill View Post
    I've dated worse than that.
    I was married to one......

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