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    Perseid Meteor shower TONIGHT & TOMORROW - Free show!

    To All,

    The Perseids are back! I meant to post earlier but I forgot.

    Tonight and tomorrow take the kids out and enjoy a free show from the Heavens!

    The best time to view will be Monday night (Tuesday morning) from about 0300 - 0500 hours, but you can still see a lot late night.

    I hear the best thing to do is lay on your back w/ feet facing NE direction and appreciate the view.

    I went last year and from 2230 - 2300 I saw 25 meteors. Six (6) of which were Steven Spielberg quality streaking clear across the night sky. Last year for me at 2300 the clouds moved in and the show was over.

    I hope for clear skies tonight & tomorrow. Get away from city lights as much as possible.


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    Thanks for the reminder.

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    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    Clouds, clouds, clouds!
    But clear sky during the day.

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