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    Bacon is proof God wants us to be happy.
    INGOer #18,319

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    Oh yeah!!

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    Cooking a 3lb package of bacon ends for BLT's right now

    There's lots of ________ on here who don't fit your particular stereotype, smearing us with goofball sophistry is what is out of line. It just makes gunowners look like *******s.

    - CarmelHP

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    I ate a package of Hormel uncured bacon this weekend. That was some good stuff! I bought another package when I went to Meijer after breakfast.

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    Kirk Freeman, INGO's Dennis Miller of gun culture references

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    Everyone should try the thick-cut smoked bacon from Klaus's meat market just south of Fountain Square.

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    bdybdall....bring me some, craving some bacon at the moment

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    We have a new meat market here, I've heard his bacon is awesome and it's only 3.99 a pound!
    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post ass I am old............

    Quote Originally Posted by SkullDaddy.45 View Post
    I love midget girls!!! I'd hire one!!

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    OOOOOOOHH Now we are talking!

    Rhims. In Cambridge city. They win the Indiana meet packers contest for bacon and ham almost every year.
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    OP, my MIL gave me that same candle for fathers day this year. My wife doesn't like it, so when she's gone, I fire it up just to piss her off!

    Oh, and for lunch today I had leftover homemade potato soup w/leftover bacon crumbles. I am STUFFED!

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