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    This forum is Ron Swanson approved

    Give your life to the lord because your ass belongs to me...

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    No slip. Good wives and bacon always go together...
    I hear They call him Flipper. Yes... yes, I'm serious.

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    Anybody out towards Greencastle should stop at Myers meat market, the bacon is awesome, and his prices are cheaper than Walmart! I made his house blend sausage yesterday in my cast iron skillet. There wasn't enough grease to dump out, I just wiped it out with paper towel!
    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post ass I am old............

    Quote Originally Posted by SkullDaddy.45 View Post
    I love midget girls!!! I'd hire one!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-DOGG View Post

    Ah...the gental reminder that I haven't touched a smoker since last summer...

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