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Thread: Healthy make it yourself snacks?

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    Healthy make it yourself snacks?

    I'm wanting to get into better shape. The thing that slows me down is the fact that in my job, I am on the road 90% of my time at work. The other 10%, I am sitting doing reports. I've been wanting to do this for awhile and am finally set on doing it. I want to make some cost-effective, healthy, yet still delicious snack. One that I've found and have done before is oatmeal bars. I want something like that so I can throw it in a cooler or lunchbox, take it to work, throw it on the truck and be able to grab it to snack on. Anyone have a recipe or a go to snack?
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    Home made beef jerky
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    These are delicious! Sausage and Eggs to Go | Mark's Daily Apple Eat two and it's a meal.

    I take a piece of fruit with me to work most days (some days I forget). Usually an apple or banana. A bag of strawberries or blueberries is good. Add some almond butter to the apple or banana for some extra calories. Bag of carrots.

    There's 100 calorie packs of almonds that are good. Handful of pistachios.

    You can have a couple slices of lunch meat wrapped around a cheese stick.

    Stay away from the processed, sugary stuff...

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    I do oatmeal bars that I make. Sounds like you have those. I also try to make sure I am drinking lots of water. Keeps me from trying to decide if I am hungry or thirsty (thirst can often be perceived as hunger). Fruit and veggies are good to keep around. I use many variations of what Allen Lim has put together for his athletes. See his books The Feed Zone and Feed Zone Portables though many are things that have more calories than you may want.

    Protein will help curb the hunger. The more complex the carbs, the less 'rush' you get but stays with you (me) longer.

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    I make up my own mixed nuts.

    Ain't cheap initially - but considering that buying 4 lbs of nuts regularly lasts me over a month (I only eat them at work)... I'd say that it's cheap and relatively healthy.

    I buy peanuts, cashews, walnuts, and pecans. I also make sure that at least half of them are at least lightly salted. I will also usually add in some candy corn and/or store-brand M&Ms, too, for a bit of sweet.

    Dump them in a large bowl, mix them up, and then scoop them into smaller 1-lb containers I take to my office and stash in my desk. I have enough old peanut containers that I use those.


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    I saw on a show today that wasabi and rye bread both inhibit hunger.

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    Get a food Dehydrator. Toss in apples, bannanas, kiwi, strawberries - whatever.
    20 Things To Do With Your Dehydrator | Health, Home, & Happiness (tm)

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    dehydrated fruits and nuts. fresh fruit.

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    If you have a thermos, smoothies. A banana, carrots, spinach, kefir, frozen fruits, orange juice and apple juice all in a blender. Delicious

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    Oats and honey bars are awesome in my opinion.

    One of my vices is trail mix. I make it myself. Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, and Raisins. Throw in a few sunflower seeds also.

    also I'm a sucker for fruit. Any fruit. If you put a bowl of apples oranges and bananas on a table they'd be gone in less than 2 days.
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