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    I just leave all my clocks on standard time. If they can't deal with it, they should use their own clock.

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    DST, EST & CST bringing Indiana together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cosermann View Post
    Grew up in a state that had DST. Moved to Indiana and thought not messing with the clock was the greatest thing ever.

    DST is a huge waste of time. The research shows no clear benefits. So we goof up our body clocks a couple of times a year for what's basically a wash.

    I'm now a DST hater twice a year until the disturbance in my wake/sleep pattern works its way out.
    REP inbound!!!!! I don't care which time we choose, but we should stick with it year round. In the age of electricity it has NO BENEFIT!
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    Doesn't bother me too much now that the vast majority of Indiana follows EST and EDT all year.

    Wouldn't have bothered me if IN had decided to go with CST and CDT.

    Daylight Saving Time is goofy. Especially in this day and age.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm kind of glad, though, that now we're at least all goofy together as opposed to being goofy "by ourselves".

    Being goofy all together means that it's just that much easier for everyone in the world to figure out what time it is in the vast majority of Indiana. As opposed to before - when no one ever knew because IN was goofy all by itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve B View Post
    DST, EST & CST bringing Indiana together.
    DST is just a temporary offset which applies to any of the US timezones. I'm in EST, but when we're on DST it's EDT. Same with people in CST, when DST is in effect you have CDT. I only mention that because the reckless use of acronyms, no matter how meaningful, is entertaining if not annoying.
    Quote Originally Posted by nakinate View Post
    REP inbound!!!!! I don't care which time we choose, but we should stick with it year round. In the age of electricity it has NO BENEFIT!
    I'd much rather not have to switch, but I have a preference for which. I'd like to be on UTC-4 all the time.
    I have spoken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CindyE View Post
    ... I miss spending time outdoors on summer evenings, by the time it cools off enough to be enjoyable, it's time for bed.
    +1, plus it's been kinda nice the last few days going to work with a little daylight coming through. Gotta work Sunday, and will be disappointed driving to work in the dark again. Plus it delays the days when it's warm enough to ride the mc in.
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    Most people with whom I am familiar view it as an event provided twice a year as a public service for the perpetually pissed-off. It has pretty much outlived it's usefulness now that there are so many other things to whine about.
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    I loathe the ridiculous practice with all that is within me. Seriously, just pick a time, set it, and forget it.

    I understand that our society is not capable of simply changing their schedules twice per year without also lying to themselves by coonfingering all the timepieces to pretend that we aren't , but there is a cost associated with this irrational nuisance and I will never tire of mocking those who attempt to justify or make sense of this absurd notion that changing the clocks twice per year is somehow necessary, beneficial or wise.

    Well, that's my yearly rant - 'bout the same as last year.

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    Thank goodness for cell phones that automatically adjust their time even when I travel into another time zone. I set alarms for everything to help me remember things.
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    At least my trucks clock will be right again!

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