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    Quote Originally Posted by bwframe View Post
    I love it. The guy is sharp.
    Can you say yes to more than automotive Paul?
    What is your area of engineering study?
    I could have swore i added that in my first post, . I am studying Mechanical Engineering Technology. I have worked with hydraulics, electrical, and pneumatic systems at my last job. I have also helped build a couple of billboard last summer, so i can do manual labor too. Im just looking for a job that i can learn a lot and that will look good on my resume.
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    no longer pays the bills

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    Guys if you want your name on the first post give me something specific you do that other members might need. I listed some examples in the first post. examples - landscaping, contractor, mechanic, plumber, painting, firearms instructor etc etc etc

    I can't wade through resumes to try and figure out what you might be able to offer other members
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    Hey Fenway.
    I do custom tile work and finish carpentry.
    Thanks for the thread.

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    Information Technology
    - Automation Monitoring
    - IT Security
    - Networking

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    Midnight Rider

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul View Post
    I could have swore i added that in my first post, .
    You did. I just fall asleep reading resumes.
    PM sent.
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    Have Gun Will Travel

    Not True, but I have always wanted to do that
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    I'm available for technical writing & other writing and editing by contract. I am adept at translating from various nerd dialects into the American dialect of English.

    I can help with instructions, manuals, letters, resumes, you name it. Rates depend on the project.

    I am in west central Indiana.
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    Professional photographer with experience shooting
    Birthday Parties
    Have huge portfolio, will travel

    NW Indiana

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    I am a free lance instructor of various topics in all walks of life.

    I travel and teach the following seminars to whoever feels they may benifit.

    How to be a worthless mate 101:

    A beginners introduction aimed at teenage boys and slow developing men. This class explores what women really want. We cover the following topics in great detail.
    - How to make fat girls think they arent fat.
    - How to get a woman to always pay for your dinner.
    - How to be a terrible lover and keep emotionally decrepite women coming back for more.
    - How to convince your woman that she couldnt do better than your pathetic ass.
    - How to convince your partners parents that you are a piece of trash.
    - How to hate yourself enough that emotionally decrepite women will love you forever and ever and ever and never let you go, ever.

    How to be the best tactical operator ever:

    An intermedite level class for those who already know they are totally badass. Course include in depth workshops such as:

    - How many useless asseccories can you bolt on your gun
    - How to convince everyone you meet that your mall security gig is a cover for top secret covert ops that you cant tell anyone about.
    - How to effectivly win pointless discussions in gunshops.
    - Memorization of time tested facts such as:
    -Ken Hackathorn is the greatest man to ever live and why.
    -Anything less than a .45 is for pansies.
    -Glocks never ever fail, ever
    - Any sort of shooting practice will get you killed in a fight.
    - Be ware the man that talks the most ****, for he is truly bad
    - "They all fall to hardball"

    How to raise successful children:

    An excellent class for young parents. Teaches all the skills nessecary to raise your child to be successful, while maintaining a loving and healthy family environment. Covers topics such as:

    -How to beat a red headed step child
    -Alcoholism: The best example you can set for your child
    -Defining parenting roles:
    -The man is in charge of the household
    - The woman is charge of cooking, cleaning and birthing babies
    - Setting boundaries without leaving visible scars.
    - Successfully circumventing child labor laws.

    Many more classes are available in both one on one and group settings. Call Rhino to set up an appoinment.

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    That is some funny shi7

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