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    My colonoscopy was cancelled because my prep wasn't good. I couldn't stop eating wagyu
    Amazing Grace, how sweet was her sound.

    Love them as if you'll lose them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by printcraft View Post
    End of the year blowout for petty crimes against humanity. Post em!


    Cheap ass COFFEE MUGS with a lid that does NOT seal well and causes you to dump coffee down your shirt like a moron.

    Have seen that picture a few times but just now got the correlation

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    First world problems. Hmm. Im on layoff. What am i going to do with my time other than reload, complete my honey do lists, and spend time with the family. Perhaps some hunting. Some trapping. Who knows.
    never give a "more emotional than normal" female your gun.

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    Internet is slow, had to restart computer, forced to surf INGO on my phone at lunch.

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    Darn smart phone battery has to charged at least twice a day! And sometimes 3! My last non smart cell went 3 or 4 days between charges!

    Posted via my smart phone.

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    My hover board caught on fire.

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    My wife got me stuff for Christmas that I! now have to take back. It's like she gave me a project to do as a gift.
    Putting firearms' contribution back in our history makes a more complete telling. Teaching marksmanship in that context deepens the understanding. Revere's Riders, because history involved guns!

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    man if I had a nicer blender (like a ninja) then the smoothie I just made would've been done in 2min instead of 4min.
    that was a long 4min there ugh.
    sauce will thicken upon standing

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    I didnt let my "cup ' ol noodles" sit long enough with the hot water.... now I am forceed to eat semi crunchy ramen
    Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.

    Quote Originally Posted by GPIA7R View Post
    And if it could explode in the general direction of my mouth, that'd be even better.
    Quote Originally Posted by indiucky View Post
    But to be fair to me the cock was in the down position....

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    The chicks at my formerly favorite strip club have gotten fat!

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