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    Under the Dome (Prime), good SHTF show, about a small town that is cut in half by a impenetrable dome (actually sphere), and the competition for resources within the dome
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    Soo much good on Netfilx. Breaking Bad to start. Amazing series. But also Bloodline, Mad Men, House of Cards, Longmire, Green Arrow is ok too. If you can get it, Fargo is one of the best shows ever. Phenomenal story, acting and cinematography. Game of Thrones. I really miss Battlestar Galactica on Netflix. Portlandia. There is just so much to watch that I can't stand regular TV or shallow network TV shows anymore. Thong some mindless scrubs, the Middle, Cheers, Friends, M.A.S.H..... All on there. Walking Dead. Kimmy Schmitt. Califorication was awesome.

    The second poster who said he couldn't find anything on Netflix or Amazon hasn't looked very far.

    im sure I'm forgetting some.

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    I see a lot of great shows posted, but I'm kind of disappointed that nobody said Spartacus. Netflix didn't pull it did they?

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    Finished up season 1 of Jessica Jones on Netflix. It is/will be a tie in to Daredevil and will pull in Luke Cage, will tie into Iron Fist, and eventually the Defenders.

    It started kind of slow, but got better. If you liked Daredevil, you may like Jessica Jones.

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    History of the Eagles
    Muscle Shoals
    Still Alive
    Mr Warmth
    I'll Be Me
    Wrecking Crew
    An honest Liar
    Mel Brooks: Make a Noise

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    Documentary on North Korea (Netflix)
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    Just started The Sopranos on Amazon Prime. Never seen it before.
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    Sopranos is good.

    I just started The Wire on HBO GO. Almost through the first season and it's OK. With all the hype around it I guess I expected to be blown away, but so far that hasn't happened yet.
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    The Ranch on Netflix. If I got Amazon Prime it would only be so I could watch The Grand Tour.
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    I use Amazon Prime.

    Sopranos is very good. Bosch also very good.

    All seasons of Justified are on Amazon Prime for free.

    Grimm is...unusual... but I enjoyed the first four seasons a lot, that pretty much used up all the interesting variations of the theme, the last couple seasons stretched it too far. The Monroe character was always good. A friend of mine worked on the show. (Hey Patience0830 and Joe138, you know him too, another Brown County boy).

    Just started watching Vegas with Dennis Quaid. A bit hokey, but entertaining so far, especially set in 1960 Vegas.

    Enjoyed Vikings.

    Fortitude is weird. The plot line and the acting are very stilted, but it's just weird enough to make me want to see what they are going to do next. Incredibly there's third season coming -- I really didn't think it was good enough for second season.

    And there's a whole bunch of other movies and series. I'm cheap, tend to only watch the ones included with Prime (includes Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers), but there are a lot more. I think they have Walking Dead, but I lost interest early on that one.

    Waiting for Breaking Bad to get cheaper before I start on it.

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