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    At LEast You'll Die With A Smile On Your Face

    Made this for the Super Bowl this year. Would not recommend it more than once a year nor without medical supervision :bigballs:

    Of course it tastes great, it's pork!


    Link to recipe. I added cheese (cheddar and motzarella) as a layer in mine.

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    OK, the title of this thread reminds me of a story.

    Back in college, one night after working the closing shift at Taco Bell, me and a bunch of coworkers piled into my Chevette and headed to Big Boy for breakfast. There weren't enough seats, so one of the girls had to ride in front "on the hump". As I headed down the road, she said "don't wreck! I don't want to die with a gearshift up my ass!"

    And immediately one of the guys in the car replied "at least you'll die with a smile on your face!"
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    We NEED the link. Must have link to baconny goodness.
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    Well this has only been posted about 20 times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bazooka Joe71 View Post
    Well this has only been posted about 20 times.

    I have not seen where someone actually made it?

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    I did do a search, but I did not see it and yes, those are pics I took during the process. It was very rich, very delicious and I am sure VERY unhealthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffeycom View Post
    I have not seen where someone actually made it?
    I made it. It is as good as you would expect it to be. Notes to those considering making it:
    1) Use thicker bacon. No, thicker than that. Trust me.
    2) Roll the sausage very tightly so as to make a nice "pinwheel" effect when it is sliced to be put on biscuits to serve.
    3) Pillsbury Grands biscuits are just about the perfect size to fit a rolled up slice of Bacon Explosion.

    Enjoy, and don't be the :dumbass: I was and forget to take pictures of the beast both before and after slicing.

    This is one you'll want to remember. Additionally, if your family needs to show the doctor what it was that caused your heart attack...


    Thanks for your help in keeping this a great forum!
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