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    The INGO Hardcore Weight Loss/Fitness Thread

    I'll admit it... when I go to the INGO Fitness Club thread and see people posting about running ten miles or doing 100 push-ups or wanting to lose that last five pounds, I feel more discouraged than motivated. This thread is for members who have hardcore weight issues so we can support each other.
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    I have struggled with my weight for the past twenty years or so and have lost the same fifty pounds four or five times. Now that I have type 2 diabetes, it's even more important to get the weight off and keep it off. My weakness is sweets. I really need to lose at least a hundred pounds, but fifty would be a start.

    The battle begins today. I'm weighing in at 254 lbs. My goal is to lose 30 lbs by Christmas.

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    If God created anything better than dogs and S&W revolvers he kept it for his self.

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    I'm not a hardcore workout guy by any means, but I will share what helped me.

    A few years ago, I weighed 220 pounds. I decided I needed a change, because I hated the way I looked and felt. I sold my AR15 and a couple other guns, and I bought a Trek road bike. I rode everyday. And each ride, I kept pushing myself to go a little further. I also tried to eat healthier. I quit eating red meat, and focused more on chicken breasts and turkey.

    I lost a lot of weight, and I went from wearing size 38 jeans, to size 34.

    Today, size 34 jeans are a little baggy, but size 32 jeans are nut-huggers.
    I weigh 160lbs as of this morning.

    I still eat healthy. My diet is:

    Breakfast: 3 whole eggs for an omelette, which includes spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms and a slice of turkey bacon.
    Mid-morning snack: Protein shake with a handful of almonds.
    Lunch: a salad, which includes half a chicken breast, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, chopped bell peppers, and celery. Salad dressing is extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar. A table spoon of each.
    Afternoon snack: protein shake with a handful of almonds.
    Dinner: large chicken breast, cooked mixed veggies and cooked broccoli and cauliflower. Sometimes with a side of brown rice.

    I try to workout each night. I'll lift weights, do kettlebell workouts, and go on a long bike ride if the wind speed is down.

    Summer weekends, I always try to go mountain biking. I'm also slowly trying to run again.

    Remember, diets WILL fail if you always try to stay faithful. Always have a cheat night. I like to have 2, which is Friday and Saturday night.

    What helped me thru it all was to not weigh myself. I used my belt and the mirror for motivation, weight always fluctuates and it will always make you feel bad.

    For diets, the Paleo and Whole30 were the better ones I read about. Just try to get a source of lean protein and lots of veggies in every meal, and you'll do fine. Also, drink lots of water. If you need to have a soda for the caffeine boost, always try to have the same amount of water afterwards.
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    It all starts with diet and exercise, start with a evening walk, the better you feel the faster and longer. Start cooking with ground turkey breast, it taste like **** so you will not want much dinner and its only like 3 grams of fat.

    Breakfast is a apple for some sugar and pickup, orange is for lunch, a rice cake if you are just dead, and that nasty turkey breast to make chili or tacos for dinner, fat free shells, sour cream, and cheese are a given.

    Dieting flat sucks, the first two three weeks are the worst, after that it is easy peasy. Have fun with it but take it seriously, mind over matter, own this ****!!!

    Tons of great meals you can research, you can do lots of food prep and working out on the weekends so no excuses during the week.
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    Through high school and after, I weight a svelt 120lbs. Scrawny little nerd.

    Once I got an office job and discovered the joys of beer... I ballooned up to an uncomfortable level. My highest was about 235. Seeing myself in my wedding pictures was embarrassing.

    I've always been pretty sedentary... sitting at a computer all day. I went with the no/low-carb route for weight loss, and it happened fast. Sitting between 165 and 170lbs right now, haven't been able to drop any more than that. Low-carb wasn't much of a problem for me.... never really been into the sweet foods.

    Started going to the gym a few months ago for strength workout, peppering in a little cardio here and there. My blood pressure last year was at really bad levels... by my recent checkup (combined with BP meds) brought it down to nearly normal. Now THAT was a good feeling.

    I've still got weight/strength goals that I'm working toward, but the biggest part of it is behind me now (all 65lbs of it). What worked for me may not work for others. The carb method works fast, definitely. Some get bored of it, but I never ran into any issues with finding things to eat.

    Best of luck, there's a good method out there for everyone

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    The second best thing a person can do to be healthy and live longer, the first being to quit smoking, is exercise. However, exercise is not the most effective tool to lose weight. It is really all about caloric intake.

    Your Basal Metabolic Rate is the rate at which your body burns calories at rest. Basically the calories burned to keep you alive. Based on my age, gender and weight, my BMR is 2,362 calories per day. I eat that, my weight should be stable. I eat less, I will lose weight. It is much easier to cut 300 calories from that intake than to walk 2 miles every day, the caloric equivalent.

    This does not mean you don't need to exercise, everyone needs to have a moderate amount of physical activity every day, but it is all about the intake. My cardiologist put it this way. "Get aerobic exercise whenever you can, but if you eat 3,000 calories a day, you'll weigh 300 pounds. Eat 2,000, you'll weigh 200 pounds." Obviously a rule of thumb but reasonably sound advice.
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    I wish you luck. Was always big, but I used to be really active. Now I'm just a half-crippled fat ****, but I'm not concerned enough to do much about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierdaddy1976 View Post
    I wish you luck. Was always big, but I used to be really active. Now I'm just a half-crippled fat ****, but I'm not concerned enough to do much about it.
    HD, I don't know you or your limitations, but try to make some changes, however small. I have diabetes, fibromyalgia, extensive arthritis, and I'm 125 lbs overweight. I get exhausted taking out the trash or making the bed. I'm going to commit to either walking the dogs or using the elliptical every day, depending on the weather. Right now, I'm lucky if I can do 5 minutes on the elliptical, but I'm trying to build up.

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    If God created anything better than dogs and S&W revolvers he kept it for his self.

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    Snapdragon, props to you for making a change! We have people at our crossfit gym who can't do a push up, a pull-up, or even much of a squat right now. Everything can be scaled.

    go to a wall and hold your arms out to touch it with your palms. Bend your elbows, straighten your elbows. Repeat. After you feel good with that stand further away and lean further. When you get good at that lean onto your bathroom counter, and so on until you're more horizontal, then you can be on your knees doing them.

    building muscle will help burn fat and help you feel better. As was said, lots of protein in your diet.

    Take lots of opportunities to increase your activity. Drink tons of water as a filler, and it makes you get up and pee at work

    also don't judge yourself by looking at others, you're not them. Write down your workouts and a sentence of how you felt, and the effort you feel you gave. It's a good way to follow your progress and motivate yourself.

    good luck! Remember, in two weeks you'll not be where you want to be but you won't be where you were!

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