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    Question about special programs - why don't I qualify?

    I see a great deal of firearm-related companies that run special deals for emergency responders; military active duty, reserve, NG and retirees, but nothing for veterans. I'm not out looking for anything for free, but I wonder why veterans do not qualify for these discounts? Here are a few examples:

    SilencerCo’s SPEQ program is our way of saying thanks to our men and women in uniform. Short for Service Proven Equipment, the SPEQ program offers a substantial discount on SilencerCo products to current and retired military, law enforcement, and first responders. Through our partnership with B&H Police Supply, we are showing our appreciation for the silent heroes and helping them to #FightTheNoise.

    The [Glock] Blue Label Program is available to the below with approved purchaser ID:

    • Sworn Law Enforcement officers, including Federal, State, County & City also includes retired L.E. officers with "retired" credentials (LE Department Picture ID front & back)
    • EMT's, Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters, and Paramedics (with Picture ID from department front & back) Certifications alone are not authorized and do not qualify
    • Military personnel including Reservists and National Guard with I.D also includes retired Military with "retired" credentials (Military picture ID front & back) DD214/discharge papers do not qualify - If you cannot submit your ID please use our dealer locator to find a dealer in your area
    • Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers (LE Department Picture ID front & back)
    • State Licensed Security Companies (Loomis, RAM, etc.) Also includes State Licensed Armed Security Officers Employed by State Licensed Security Companies (with Employment Picture ID from company front & back) Certifications alone are not authorized and do not qualify
    • Court Judges, District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys
    • LE Academy Cadets with enrollment documentation from the Academy
    • GSSF Coupon Recipients should contact GSSF for more information

    S&W - This offer is available to ALL active duty U.S. Military, Retired Military with retired Military Status, active National Guard Reservists and Disabled Veterans of all U.S. Military branches including U.S. Coast Guard. Customers wishing to take advantage of this offer are required to submit the following documentation: 1). the redemption coupon, 2). a copy of sales receipt and 3). a copy of a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) AND Driver's License or 4) a copy of your Military Orders AND Driver's License.
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    Just a guess, but likely the sheer volume of guys who have done short stints in whichever service is deemed to be too high for whatever margin the manufactures are looking for. Same thing seems to apply to the other examples: Active or retired credentials. If I left my department tomorrow, I would no longer qualify for the above discounts, as I did not retire but rather "quit".

    Example: I have seen 9 reserve officers and a few merit officers leave a department in the last two years without completing a "retirement" term. As they served their initial contract term, they would be in the same class as non-active, non-retired veterans. There are a LOT of those kinda guys out there, and they probably make up a good chunk of the gun-buying populace.

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