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    Comcast Solicitor, or House Casing?

    Does anyone know if Comcast/xfinity solicits door to door using I'm assuming contracted people driving crummy old cars rather than professional comcast vehicles? I've made a small effort to contact comcast to ask them but when all I found was their 1800AUTOMATEDMESS number I gave up. I was out walking the dogs and seen this guy who appeared to be going up to houses somewhat randomly. He definitely wasn't stopping everywhere and definitely skipped a house with a security sign. I don't know if he stopped at my house, but he was at my neighbors, who thought he was a legitimate comcast rep. I hate soliciting and live in a neighborhood with NO SOLICITING signs at each entrance (as if anyone ever notices) so i'm inclined to be irritated by these people. Furthermore I can't help but wonder if these unprofessional solicitors are burglars casing houses. Anyone know if comcast definately uses solicitors like this? Thanks

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    I know they do have contractors that will go door to door to sell.

    but mines were on foot so I don't know the type of car.
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    I can't speak to Comcast but I know that ATT Uverse used solicitors when they were pushing Uverse. I had young men & women come to my house several times.

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    I'm not sure about their salesmen, but every installer I've ever seen has his company's name on the truck along with "Authorized Comcast Contractor" or similar statement.

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    I've had them come to my house for years. It's usually in the 1st quarter of each year. Haven't had anyone at the door from Comcast this year as of this reply.

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    Yes they do... both Comcast and AT&T have paid us a visit. Dogs usually warn me before they're at the door and I usually great them on the porch with a fun on the hip and tell them I'm not interested after they get about 3.5 words out. They usually leave, no questions asked.

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    Either way, SSS.
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    We've had them come to our house. They were driving a crappy vehicle and it was a younger man about 20-25 years old. Had a lanyard with his picture ID on it and a number we could call for verification. They've been in our SE side neighborhood a few times. Seem legit, but we just tell them we're happy with AT&T and they say thanks and move onto the next house.
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    Bullet, backhoe, lime.

    'nuff said.
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    Bullet, backhoe, lime.

    'nuff said.
    I like the way you think.

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