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    I've seen Dell Latitude (business quality) E6430 for under $200 on Amazon.

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    I have an Intel Pentium Laptop and have no issues with Netflick. Matter of fact the only reason I upgraded was the Laptop was having Disk Issues. The Laptop ran any app I needed, gaming laptop no way. I would think the current processes would be able to handle the needs of a HS user. No need to get an i7 core Laptop.

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    Thnaks for all the suggestions. I think we will be looking at the Refurbished Dells this weekend.
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    stay away from AMD at all costs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hop View Post
    I've seen Dell Latitude (business quality) E6430 for under $200 on Amazon.
    This model, with an i5 and four gig of ram.
    I have several.....

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