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Thread: broken ribs

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    broken ribs

    I broke 2 ribs Saturday afternoon. Man do they hurt. What kills me is when I have to cough. Standing up isn't very fun either.
    Has anyone here had broken ribs and how long did it take to where the pain was manageable?

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    Expert tmschuller's Avatar

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    I have been kicked in the ribs by a horse and really bruised some That was bad enough and took some time to heal.. can't imagine breaks. Sorry to hear about it

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    Grandmaster hoosierdoc's Avatar

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    Get a small pillow and smash it into your chest before coughing. It will help brace them.
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    I've had ribs cracked twice and healing time was a minimum of 3 weeks. The 2nd time took closer to 6 weeks. Laughing, sneezing, or coughing will often set you back, at least it did me the 2nd time.

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    Sure, busted ribs in my martial arts career.

    Like doc says, I have used one of those backrest pillows with arms and flip it upside down and then jam it into your ribs when you cough. It mitigates the pain but does not eliminate them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierdoc View Post
    Get a small pillow and smash it into your chest before coughing. It will help brace them.
    That's what my Dad did after his bypass when healing from the sternotomy.
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    My ribs are broken in the back by my spine. I guess I'm lucky it was just the ribs and not my back.

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    I have a broken rib right now. I'm 4 weeks into healing. There was no change in pain levels for the first two weeks. After that it got better daily. I'm pretty much pain free unless I try to make it hurt.

    Doc said I still need two more weeks of mostly rest though before I can start back at CrossFit. I'm still going, but taking it easy.
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    Mine broke in the same place as OP. Follow all advice. Don't try to push it. I felt good at 6 weeks, returned to full duty and rebroke them days later. I now have a lump where it healed.


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    Been there Done that. Worst part was watching my Motorcycle just sit there for 6 Weeks. Make up a Good Story about how it happened!
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