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Has anyone tried setting fence posts in gravel rather than concrete. It appears that our clay rich soil here in Indiana would provide a good foundation for using compacted gravel rather than concrete to set posts. Not messing with concrete and the much better drainage characteristics of gravel make it seem pretty appealing. I'm going to be installing a lot of fencing next year and don't want to ever have to do it again. I put up a privacy fence at our last home and after 13 years half of the posts were not in very good shape and had to be reinforced.

Anyone used gravel rather than concrete? Any better options? I'm considering having round fence posts driven into the ground for our pasture but want to do the yard fence myself if I can to save some money.
Set over 2 miles with out a bag of concrete. Gravel works very well, toss a few pieces of larger rock for the post to set on and you will be good to go. For the corners I would suggest using keys in the direction of the pull. Good Luck