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  • They made you whole, change to a positive review.

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  • An honest company should do you right the first time, let it ride.

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  • BACON!!!!!!

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    To reverse the review or not?

    So I found a pair of Danner boots on Amazon. I typically only buy using Prime because something like a boot, you never know exactly how it will fit, but in this size/style there was only one seller. So I took a chance. (and I already had a pair of Danners in a slightly different style, so I assumed I knew my size)

    They fit my foot fine, however there was a thick seam across the tongue that dug into my ankle bone. OK, So I push through it as I wore them around the house, because boots can have some pinch points that will break in over time, right?After 45 minutes the pain was unbearable and I had a raw spot on my ankle that took a couple days to go away. These are obviously a no-go.

    I filed the return, and found I'd be on the hook for the return shipping. No problem. I can handle that.

    Fast forward a week and I get the refund notice for my $189 boots... Only a $130 credit. WTF? When I contacted the seller I was told "Amazon allows us to charge up to a 25% restock fee, So we do. Have a nice day." $50 hit for new boots returned in perfect condition with no outside wear. 100% new condition. My reply is a terse "Savor that $50 because its the last dollar you will ever see from me. "

    Fast forward a day and I get a response. "I talked to the owner and he authorized a ONE TIME full refund. We hope this is to your satisfaction." And sure enough they refunded me the rest of the restock (minus shipping which I think is perfectly fair.)

    I did end up filing a one star review of the company, warning others of their tendency to charge outrageous restock fees so they can make more money on a return than an actual honest sale. (returns are common on footwear especially)

    Fast forward a couple more weeks. I get another email, supposedly from the owner asking me if I am happy and if so, please give them a positive review.

    So I'm, torn. Yes, I was made whole... But not after pitching a fit. And I wouldn't have had a problem with a more reasonable restock fee. $10? $15? Sure. but $50?!?!? No way. And if you are selling something like a duty boot that is not guaranteed to fit because every foot is different, you should expect to have some returns.

    So what would you do?
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    I said leave one (1) star. It isn't whether you were made whole, but also what you had to go through to be made whole.

    I would also leave a detailed explanation as to why you left the review that you did. I got the product, its quality was fine, but I had issues. It was returned undamaged and unmarked in any way, and they wanted to charge me $X anyway just because they could. I don't like them but until they publicly change their policy it's your call. Something like that.

    I think reviews are about overall service. Go to a restaurant. Do you rate it one (1) star or five (5)? For what? What if the food was great, when it got to the table two (2) hours later? What if the food was good but the service sucked? What if the service was great but the food was cold? To me a rating isn't just "did I get my food" but rather the entire experience.

    Yours sucked . Say so, and say why.


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    Maybe compromise. Give them a better star rating 3-4 stars?, but explain the situation to future potential customers.

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    I would let the review stand the way it is. Customer service is a big thing with me. For good or bad, you had an experience with that company. Deleting a negative review of a negative experience won't help anyone in the future. That's what reviews are for, to share experiences of your interactions with a company. At the most I would edit the review at the bottom and post your updated experience, and yep, I'd word it just like you told it here. The original review would remain as posted.

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    Two stars.

    They are certainly better than what you thought when you wrote a one-star review. But it was still a negative experience.
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    Whenever I have felt like Iíve been screwed in the past like that I leave my reviews unless the company goes above and beyond what they needed to do. An example is this past Christmas, Classic Firearms sent me a bayonet that was supposed to be in excellent condition in 2 days. Well, the original label was cancelled and they would not return my messages until after it was originally supposed to be in my hands. When they finally contacted me I told them to cancel the order. They said they could not because it had been sent out. Ok, I will see what it looks like. I get it after close to an extra week and the tip is broken off and so much cosmoline on it it looks like someone took a crap and rubbed it all over it. I told them and they said I could send it back at my cost. Not my fault and I left a 1 star review that they will not put on the site. If they just would have sent another bayonet I would not have said another word but I was jerked around and they acted like it was my fault they sent a crappy product. I will never use Classic Firearms again even though they have pretty cool stuff because of their customer service. Their attitude was that they couldnít do anything but they could have done everything better than it was.I just took it as a lesson learned and found a different Christmas present for the person. If they would have gone above and beyond after the problems I experienced I would be singing their praises and still shopping there. Now, I feel slighted and never want anything from them ever again. Being made whole is what should have happened in the first place. A second chance is where customer service should come into play and give out a free replacement or do something to make a customer feel good about the experience. It doesnít sound like you feel good about the experience so I would not change your review.

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    Leave the review but do note you were made whole.
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    Any company that charges that ridiculous of an amount as a "restocking fee" deserves a one star review. Let it ride , heck update it with the companies responces too , 25% on Amazon of all places ?
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    I would leave a middle of the road review. Better than one star because they did make it right, less than 5 because you had to pitch a fit. If you can leave comments then explain why.

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    I would leave a 1 or 2 star rating with an update in a situation like this and have. Similar situation, different product. It was not as described or pictured and then had to pay a hefty "restocking" fee. They even offered me a $100 credit on my next purchase from them if I changed the review to a perfect score. I reported their bribe to Amazon and left the honest review. Doubt if Amazon will follow thru.

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