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    Light show out over the lake had my guardian dogs barking most of the night. I therefor got little sleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTC B4Z View Post
    Anyone personally know anyone cutting vinyl stickers?
    This is the sign company right next door to my shop in Schererville. I know he cuts vinyl and does vehicle graphics, and is a good guy, so might be worth a call if you don't find anyone closer to you:

    Home - Sign Productions


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    Pretty damn foggy earlier, now its humidity
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    Almost made a losing bet on a fart at Cabela's...and I'm commando today 😬


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    It sure would be nice to have an m&S before the weather changes.

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    gee, thanks for letting us know
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    Man that was a massive downpour!

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    It really was, I don't know what I ate yester...oh you mean the rain

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    In other news, I want a motorcycle. I've only ever ridden a dirtbike though, aside from the obvious differences like suspension, ride height, contending with dbags on the road, etc, are they basically the same to operate?

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