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    Some photos....

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    We are now in Wawa, Ontario. Departed Terrace Bay late because the only road around the lake was closed. An accident shut down the TransCanada highway for about 12 hours! We were one of the first 4 or 5 to get through and the accident was horrific. We were the first to get to Marathon, and were bombarded with questions about the accident as that town was only a half dozen miles from the accident site. Had breakfast there, then went on to White River to see the birthplace of Winnie the Pooh. Finally on to Wawa and arrived mid-afternoon to see the giant goose. Met up with some others in the parking lot there who recognized our bikes, they also went through the accident site and knew one of the victims.

    So far we have been really lucky with the rain. It has happened at night, or late afternoon, but not while we were riding. The Bayfield Inn let us park under their canopy as the area was under a severe thunderstorm warning.

    We've done a mix of camping and hotel stays. Trying to stay at locally owned motels and have met some of the nicest people doing so. Avoided Duluth, just drove through it. The bridge in Duluth is far worse than the Mackinac bridge, but we caught it during a very busy time and traffic was bad.

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    We should be finishing up our circle around Superior this afternoon. Tomorrow we move east to Huron. We are following the northern shore to the midpoint then heading south onto a string of islands. At the end is a ferry that runs across part of the upper bay. We take the ferry and resume again following Heronís coastline south, then across a bit of land to pick up Lake Ontario at Toronto. Then east along its Northern shore.
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    We are now officially done with Lake Superior, did the full 1600 mile circle. Finished up an hour ago and are now in Sault St. Marie, Ontario. Tomorrow we head east to Huron.

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    Glad you are enjoying the ride. Iíll be doing a Labor Day trip around Lake Michigan and will be my first time over the Mac bridge.
    Enjoy the rest of your ride and ride safe !!
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    I rode a Goldwing 1800 tonight. I may be damaged. I love my Harley, but damn that was a fast and smooth machine.
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    Packing up to ride to Charleston, WV today. Should be a fun trip.
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    Stopped at a small restaurant about 45 minutes east of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario on the TransCanadian Hwy. We needed to get some coffee and breakfast.

    Someone drove their lawn tractor to the restaurant and parked between to pick-up trucks.

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    Looks like next week or soon I will be riding a 17 Suzuki c50t for my dad. He is buying it but hasnít ride since the 70ís. Since he doesnít have motorcycle endorsement, I can get it home for him since I do. Plus I will be able able to ride it at times also. Hoping he takes the riding class at the local Harley dealer as that is as close as there is one. Bike is brand, never been owned. Looked at it today and it is very similar to my old bike. I probably should at least ride it around the parking lot at dealer to check it out.
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    I just saw today that ABATE is doing $99 courses. Nearest opening is in September at the old Indy Airport and it was for one spot left. I just looked now and it is gone. Some left for Clarksville.

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