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    Quote Originally Posted by chezuki View Post
    A minute is a long time to have no idea whatís going on behind you... especially if whats in front of you requires emergency braking or evasive maneuvering.
    Yes, I'm still watching my mirrors but only with my peripheral vision and maybe quick glances. I focus on them more only once a minute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwframe View Post
    You really really need to watch your mirrors. It's part of knowing where you will go, if something happens quickly. You have to be able to avoid those who will run you over from in front or behind.

    Other motorcycles are just as suspect as cars behind you. In front or back of another motorcycle, it's a bit unnerving to see how many bikes on the road that do not stagger the lane properly.
    That's the only time I use my mirrors.
    "Do not overthink it, gentlemen. It's only a gunfight, not an IRS tax audit." - Louis Awerbuck

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    This guy has many good videos concerning motorcycle safety.

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    On a different topic...

    Motorcycle GPS navigation devices: JUST SAY "NO" to the BEELINE unless you like taking your eyes off the road.

    LINK => Beeline Moto | Beeline

    About $150 for the black plastic version, which I think is a bit pricy, but I have one on pre-order because I tend to do stupid things and buy crap I don't actually need.

    Seems like a very intuitive piece of gear with great battery life. Works in a couple different modes, including route directions or even as a basic compass.

    It does have, via 'smartphone' interface, route planning. It can follow GPX imported routes.

    I bought one.

    I regret it.

    Initial test: FAIL

    Clearly this is made for lower speeds.

    I missed a RIGHT HAND turn because I didnít have enough warning to make the turn onto the road it wanted me to turn onto.

    IT IS WORTH NOTING that I was traveling north on State line road. The roadway is the dividing line between Illinois (left side) and Indiana (right side). My destination was inside Indiana. But for several miles the directions for each successive turn after that missed right hand turn (back into Indiana) were directing me to turn left, into Illinois. Also of note, state line road is the most direct and the only thru road in the area thru which I was traveling.

    On at least 3, possibly 4, instances it directed me to turn into farm fields where there was NO ROAD and where there has never been a road for for at least as long as Iíve been alive (59 years!)

    On at least 3, possibly many more, instances the direction to turn actually occurred a couple hundred feet after the turn. That said I did get warning that the turn was coming up, but the specific turn instruction occurred after the intersection by 100 to 300 feet. Not a big deal in the rural area where I was riding but could be a serious problem in a city!

    While I was 3+ miles from my destination, but on the actual roadway of the destination, I was directed to turn off the roadway 4 or 5 times onto roads that were neighborhood roads which did not have a thru passage out the other side or a logical way to get to the destination point because there is a limited access to the destination due to a river that has limited crossing points.

    At about the 2.2 mile mark away from my destination it began navigating me directly to the destination.


    OK so the first test, riding to my doctor's appointment, as described above, was a complete FAIL

    Leaving the doctor's appointment to go home I had a couple options.
    Option 1: Pick the same route, but choose the REVERSE THE ROUTE option
    Option 2: Choose my home address and let it choose the path

    I selected Option 2, checked the map, decided I did not want to go that way. Just a personal choice, it is a clear cut route, no problem with it, just not scenic.

    Returning to my Options, I selected Option 1, with the REVERSE THE ROUTE option selected.

    Started out and all was going along smoothly. Got to a point where I thought I should turn but I was directed to continue straight through an intersection. I went through it. Pretty much in the middle of the block AFTER that intersection and BEFORE then next one I was directed to turn! So 1/2 way between 2 streets and into the yard of some unknown homeowner I was supposed to turn. Hmmm? Should I ... or shouldn't I turn this into an off-road ADV trip? My bike is set up for off-road so why not?

    Well, discretion got the best of me and I opted to go 1/2 block forward and turn right. As soon as I made that right turn the Beeline went into "recalculating" mode.

    I opted to turn around and go back to the intersection where I thought I should turn. Made the turn there, followed the directions home the remainder of the way.

    Of interest are several things.

    1. The REVERSE ROUTE had me take DIFFERENT STREETS than the original route. Not a problem, but still odd.
    2. The visual warning to turn (the actual ^ indicator turns in the direction of the turn) occurs between 0.03 and 0.02 miles from the turn. Roughly 100 to 150 feet before the turn. When traveling 45+ mph that is a problem!!!
    3. The locations of the intersections, while some are accurate, others are off by 50 to 200+ feet. In every case the location of the intersection where I needed to make a turn was indicated AFTER the physical intersection and often between 2 different intersections. Not sure if this is due to a latency issue between the phone and the Beeline? Using the same mapping software on other navigation tools the roads seem to be spot on.
    4. The Beeline is using high speed data via your smartphone, so if you are in rural areas with lack of signal, or 'roaming' out of your network, you may have serious issues! Would the Beeline simply have not worked in many areas of our recent 4000 mile trip around the Great Lakes as many places we drove through had NO signal? Just as bad, as I was on an international phone plan my data was was limited and the Beeline seems to require an active data connection so I might have used up my month's worth of international data allocation during the first couple of days!?!
    5. You MUST constantly watch the Beeline for directions. This is especially true in city/suburban areas with multiple close streets. Unlike other navigation that gives both AUDIO and VISUAL clues, the Beeline ONLY gives VISUAL cues. For a motorcycle this could be a fatal flaw???


    I really want to like this thing.

    I'm thinking I will be trying to return it.

    It is a nifty device.

    For bicycles.


    The more I think about it the more I believe that the Beeline is possibly unsafe for motorcycle use. I say possibly.

    IF the Beeline is mounted within the normal LINE OF SIGHT of the roadway it could work.

    But remember this is a VISUAL device with zero audio cues to alert you to an upcoming turn. That means you need to focus a good bit of visual attention onto the Beeline. If you look DOWN you are taking your attention off the road and traffic. Many (most) images on the Beeline website and Beeline Instagram account that show them mounted on motorcycles have them mounted near the instrument cluster, on the handlebars at the center point, so clearly forcing you to look DOWN. I just don't see that as a good thing.

    Others may disagree. I don't consider myself an expert in safety or an expert rider. Just makes no sense to me.

    I had mine mounted HIGH, just below the top edge of my Madstad windshield so it was unnecessary for me to lower my whole head to view the Beeline but I did find that I was focusing a lot of attention on it as I neared waypoints and turns. I intentionally chose a very rural route without much traffic for the test.

    Your uses and experiences may be different. So be it.


    BEELINE informed me that the 25 waypoint problem is due to be resolved next week.

    That does not correct the problem with turn notification AFTER the turns.

    That does not improve the issue I have with needing to spend too much time looking at the arrow to make the correct turn.

    Last edited by melensdad; 09-14-2019 at 16:00.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chezuki View Post
    A minute is a long time to have no idea whatís going on behind you... especially if whats in front of you requires emergency braking or evasive maneuvering.
    I have one mirror on my motorcycle, but it's only there to keep it legal and vibrates so bad that it's not actually usable. It's usually tucked out of the way down in front of the handlebar.
    Medium speed. Moderate drag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagee View Post
    I'm gonna win, but you guys can still play...

    Sent from my LM-Q710.FGN using Tapatalk
    Y'all missed a good ride
    Quote Originally Posted by KJQ6945 View Post
    Jagee makes Beetlejuice look like a *****!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagee View Post
    Y'all missed a good ride
    But did you win?

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    Quote Originally Posted by melensdad View Post
    But did you win?
    2nd place...

    By SEVEN freaking seconds!!
    Dude on a sport bike being way more aggressive with his riding beat me. If the last stop light would have been green when I got there I would have won. Oh well, I had fun!
    Quote Originally Posted by KJQ6945 View Post
    Jagee makes Beetlejuice look like a *****!

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    Quote Originally Posted by semperfi211 View Post
    This guy has many good videos concerning motorcycle safety.
    Agreed. I've picked up many tips from watching his channel.

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    A couple of proof grabs from our trip to the Smokies last week....

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