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    Why do you love your Honda Odyssey?

    Tell me about your Honda Odyssey please. What trim package do you have?

    What do you love about it? What disappoints you?

    What year and color is it? Do you like the interior?

    Do you love your Odyssey? Why?

    I'm in the market for a good pre-owned minivan. After researching them I have decided I think I really want a Honda Odyssey minivan.

    I'm thinking I want an EX-L, a touring or a touring elite but then discovered I may even want an SE.

    I have narrowed it down to a Honda because I am a single woman without someone to fix any mechanical issues for me. I need to find something dependable and yet affordable.

    I work in auto finance. I know how unreliable American and German minivans can be.

    Everything I've read convinces me that Honda is the best bang for the buck.

    There is big price difference in the various trim packages. I can buy a 2016 SE with less than 50,000 miles for the same price I can buy a 2012 EXL or touring with 90,000 miles.

    Are the trim upgrades really that important? Which bells and whistles are worth the money?
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    Being a certified Honda nut, while I don't have direct info on the Odyssey, I can tell you that Honda's are well known to last forever, but they are built by humans. I want to warn you against 2004 thru 2008 or at least be very careful if you buy one as they were known to have paint issues. I have a 2008 Civic Si and received a letter from Honda extending the warranty due to paint peeling. While I don't have a problem, I have a friend that does. Not all do, but worth a careful look over.

    Trim upgrades are nice if you want leather interior or other fancy stuff but most of their base models are really nicely equipped. All upgrades are worth it if they contain what you want. Like an extra row of seats, or rear compartment heating and cooling ability. A newer SE will not have the fancy interior, but the insides are still nice. No leather will buy you a 4 year newer vehicle with less miles. Do you really need leather seats?

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    I have a Pilot, which has a lot in common. I would not trade it for anything but another Pilot.
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    I have a 19 odyssey touring. Its a red'ish color.

    I was not willing to pay extra for heated steering wheel, and wireless charger, but wanted the rear entertainment so thats where we landed. Its pretty new, so I'm sure my like's, and dislikes will grow as I have it longer, but


    The rear entertainment is great. It has a nice TV that is easy to use. I love the fact that it comes with headphone's, and cabin talk where I can talk over those headphones.

    I really like the cabin watch feature. I can watch the kids without turning around.

    I like the center console storage. It has plenty of room

    I love how you can move the center row seats from side to side.

    Dis like's

    They are serious about their seat belt bell, but its doing its job because I wear my seat belt to shut it up, and that's something I should do more anyways.

    The position able armrest's. I wish they just had 2 position's. I don't ever want my arm at a 45 degree angle, I want the rest up or down.

    For me it broke down to Odyssey, or Sienna. Your basically choosing what you want more, 8th seat, or AWD. For me I wanted the 8th seat more because I own a truck, and if its that bad, I will take it.
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    We picked up a 2005 with around 120K miles from Craiglist a few months agao.
    priced at under 2500 and in pretty good shape.
    I knew it was going to be a good one when i pulled up to see a brand new Odyssey in their garage.

    Any way, it rides and drives exceptionally well.
    It has been perfect for our needs.
    I can see us driving this one till she hits 300K ! (Lord willing).

    PS It's perfect for me to get in and out of after back surgery !!! BIG Plus There !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spear Dane View Post
    I have a Pilot, which has a lot in common. I would not trade it for anything but another Pilot.
    I just bought a Pilot (2019 Touring). Happy to share reasons why, if it would be helpful to OP?

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    We have a 2017. Got it new. It's my wife's daily driver.

    Nothing to get too excited about... it's a minivan...

    I'd have rather she got a Pilot for 4wd, but she felt she had to have a 3rd row seating.

    Ours doesn't have too many features. No nav, no leather. It does have rear entertainment for the kids...

    I don't like the user interface on the radio/entertainment/settings screen. Too cumbersome. I can't use it while driving even for what should be simple operations. Very poorly done, imo.

    Seats fold down easily, and come in and out easily. Do educate kids about climbing on the seats, leaning over them, etc... there was that kid that died when the seats folded on him while leaning over the 3rd row, and I can easily see how it happened.

    Best thing about the car is it really does make great power and is geared well. Even with 4 adults and a couple kids it has plenty of power for passing, or getting up to speed to merge on the highway, etc.

    Figure we'll have it 15+ yrs...

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    I think they are very good vans, my grandmother (who worked for Delco and retired from there) only buys them at this point , she gets the EX-L and it's a nicely appointed van. My only suggestion would to be stay away from the 8 speed transmissions as I have heard they have a lot of problems. My grandmother has has 3 of the Vans at this point (she trades then in at 95k) and not a single major issue with any of them so far. Just have to find one that fits your budget.
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    I am not a Honda "guy" ... I am Chrysler "guy" .....

    That being said, everything is a "package" deal .....

    What you are calling a trim package, is really an "interior" deal also .....

    I bought a 2005 Dodge Caravan, brand new .....

    I knew nothing about the se, lxi, touring, etc.

    What I knew I wanted, was power rear "wing" windows .....

    I ended up buying an sxt, to get the power windows .....

    It turned out to cost me more Insurance, for some reason .....

    so, you have done your research, good on you .....

    investigate, if one "package" is gonna cost you more insurance,

    Decide on what "features" you want, and BUY !!!!!

    Good Luck, and keep on doing the research .....
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    I'm sure you have.... But you owe it to your wallet to also consider the Toyota Sienna. Hondas, new and used, are going to cost you more than a Toyota. Are they better? Perhaps. At the vehicles in MY price point (Accord vs. Camry - the Camry won out due to the regular automatic transmission)

    That said, used Toyota Siennas aren't inexpensive.

    Don't be afraid to search dealerships in Ohio. I found that, for some reason, all the Toyota dealerships I shopped recently were less expensive than the ones in Indiana. Sometimes significantly so.
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