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Thread: Fishing Bait?

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    Fishing Bait?

    I have been sick as heck the last couple of weeks. Had neck surgery last week and worked like a dog this week while trying to recover. Seen tomorrow is free fishing day and thought about taking the granddaughter fishing in the afternoon. Just wondering where you can get live bait now days? I am wondering about minnows and crickets mainly. I didnt think about it until I started thinking about going shopping....then I realized we have Wal-Mart and Dicks and that's about it. I miss the days of "that place in Clermont", "Galyan's" and "Avon Bait and Tackle". I am West of Indy.....any ideas of any place close by? Thanks

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    Many gas stations have worms. Walt’s Crawlers.
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    Wally World has asst. of worms but no live bait. Dump your worms out on a fishing regulation book first to check them tho. Sneek in the garage part for short walk and quick check out.

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    Walmart sells Canadian worms, and I think the fish hate them. I have a feeling they taste funny. I was on the look out for some grubs (bemoths, maggots, whatever) as I know they are like candy to certain blue gilled fish around here. I'd like some crickets too....can't seem to find a bait store around here anymore....and I don't spend any of my money at Dick's.

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    Yeah, and May through September "time of the locusts" comes later this far north so the grass hoppers aren't volunteering for bait duty yet.

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    I would have said Westside Bait and Tackle, but I believe they closed up. That place had every kind of live bait imaginable. Not sure if there is another place in that style of things or not.
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    Ave's in Brownsburg advertises live bait. Just south of town on 267, right before the B&O Trail.
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    Thanks guys. Times have sure changed. Use to be bait shops everywhere. As a kid I would love going in them places almost daily. Maybe Amazon will bring me a few dozen minnows...

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    I think HCT in Bargesvill has crickets.

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    Another idea, at least for Crickets is to check the pet stores. They sell feeder crickets for lizards and other critters.
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