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Thread: Two wheelers!

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    That's a beautiful candy apple.
    Beto is one of "Those" people that you hope to one day be able to throat punch.

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    I think I fell in love with a fat bottomed girl last night

    I'm an Olympic style Saber fencing coach and sometimes ride my NC750x to the fencing club in the evening. I got one-upped last night when a couple of my students rolled up to the club last night in this 2010 URAL with sidecar.

    Its a father-daughter pair of students. The daughter is 15, she has been practicing on a dirt bike and plans to get her drivers license and motorcycle endorsement as soon as she is legally able. The dad, who has become my friend over the past few months, mentioned the Ural in a conversation a week or two ago. Showed up last night. He also has a new Indiana made/designed JANUS motorcycle.

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    Friend of mine here in Indy had a Ural for winter transportation seeing as he didnít have a car. The drive wheel on the sidecar was awesome in the snow and ice.

    You did a great job on the paint job. That looks like a factory finish.

    Eating beavers just to help save trees.

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