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    zero issues here on phone or browser (multiple PCs). I use Firefox both on the phone and on the PCs to access INGO, and I'm not running any additional add ins or extensions for anything such as ad blocking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigblitz View Post
    Oops. Got a ghost pop up. Just an x on the lower screen. X'ed it and it dropped down.
    Sig, clicking on/in a dialog box that you have no idea what it's associated with is not the best strategy, especially if your WIN 7, 8.1 or to a lesser extent 10. Just sayin'
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    I spent some time watching network traffic to/from browser, and holy ****! C'mon man.

    I'm a site supporter, logged in all the time. On my iPhone I can't use Safari when posting. The page randomly reloads every couple of minutes or so. I've lost enough fairly long posts to get pretty about it. Using Firefox on iPhone fixed that. Using Firefox on my mac book now and that's where I checked traffic. Ad blocker isn't working; I'm getting popups at the bottom of the screen, so I'll have to check into that.

    The only browsers I've tried that are usable for INGO are Firefox for iPhone, and Safari for OS X.
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    Two things seem to be working for me. Using Dissenter browser and not visiting INGO.
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    Opened INGO a few minutes ago and it tried to open a new tab! Closed it immediately even before my virus blocker warning that I am sure would have come.

    Getting pop-ups at the bottom of the screen, now asking for a donation to the Salvation Army. Typing a bear due to the little window at the lower left "waiting for".

    Cleared and reset everything and still just short of not being able to use my favorite site.

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    I'm not getting any of this, haven't seen a pop up or ad in a long time on INGO. Using Firefox on Linux with a VPN and both Ublock and Ad Blocker Plus. I turned off ABP a week or so ago to see if anything changed. Nothing did on any site I visit. I don't have the little 'loading' messages in the lower left of the browser on INGO either. I sometimes get them on other sites but none here.

    This weekend I'll disable Ublock and see what happens.

    Edit: Just disabled Ublock and still not getting anything. I did forget that I'm also using NoScript script blocker as well. As soon as I disabled that I started to get ads and the 'loading' list of crap in the corner.
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    I wouldn't mind the ads, it's the lag from all the background activity that comes with it that is frustrating.
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    Per my prior note, I had one pop up at the bottom of the screen one time. Now this morning suddenly, I started getting it again and I couldn't get rid of it. I cleared my caches, deleted cookies and came back to the site and pop up appeared again.

    Mac OS with Safari. Everything current version.

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    I aLSO CLEARDED Everthing out again this morning, and logged back in. Still the same old ads, and what ever is running trying to establish a connection.

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