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Thread: This @#$!! RAIN!

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    It's just rain. Why weren't you guys out at the range shooting? I was.

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    Just checked my rain gauge: 3 1/4" so far today. Hope johntheplinker's neighbor is making good progress on that boat.
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    Gone all week on business. Beautiful weather here and where I was (Alabama). Come home, the sky opens up most of the day.

    I did manage to replace the alternator on my reno truck, wash the screened in porch and pressure wash my deck when it stopped for a couple hours.

    I am frantically trying to get my house in at least presentable shape for my son and DIL's baby shower here in a couple weeks. With work and rain, I won't get much done.

    Good thing everyone is coming to see my son and DIL and not me or my house.

    BTW, this is typical for Bloomington. At least since I have lived here. Maybe a little more this year, but we always get heavy downpours throughout the year here.
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    I have lots of poison ivy and weeds in my back yard and some tree debris to burn. Taking care of it was going to be my Saturday. But noooooo stupid rain put a stop to it.

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    We are prepping the house to sell and yesterday the wife's friends came over for a painting party. Seeing yesterday was the last dry day for about 10 I decided to tackle the one big outdoor project I had. I was going to replace a small retaining wall made of timbers with stone because it was rotting. Already had everything just had to install it. She was not happy at ALL that I wasnt in painting with them. (even though I'm lousy at it and relegated to centers of walls only). At one point I came in to get water and she snapped at me like I was a kid caught playing xbox after curfew: " What are YOU doing inside?" Sheesh.

    Glad I got that done.

    We were heading back home around 6 and it wasnt looking good so I pulled out my ham radio to monitor the weather net that gets stood up by the NWS and started watching the radar. No net, but the car radio reported a severe storm warning for our home area, and I confirmed with the radar that we had about 15 minutes to get home. So I told Mrs Monkey to take our exit now and skip the short grocery trip. Glad we did. Lots of reports of flooded streets, and even some saying they had to turn around 2-3x to make it home. Worst I had to contend with was an inch or so of water running down our street when I walked home from checking on our vacationing neighbor's pets. verified once again my Gore Tex Danner's are still good!

    Lots of pics from surrounding neighborhoods of teens standing in the middle of the street up to their thighs. Luckily many of our neighborhoods are built with the slabs about 2-5' above the street level so few homes flooded. (but I am sure there are some)
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    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    Bicycled 37 miles on the Pumpkinvine Ride today, about half of it in the rain, and half that rain was of the steady-to-downpour variety.
    Since the trail is part gravel/screenings, went home with soaking pants and shoes and a big muddy stripe down our backs and mud caked all over the bikes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadeyeChrista'sdad View Post
    Man! Is it cramping my style!

    Spent all day dealing with a minor health scare for Pop, and towing the baby's new (to her) popup camper home, so no mowing yesterday. Sprang out of bed this a.m. ready to mow... Well, poop.

    I was able to run several loads through my new (to me) Scott and son double barrel. I think I finally have a keeper.

    Anyone else as frustrated as I am with this weather? I know the farmers are pulling their hair out.
    Yep on the frustrated. Have dumped 23" OUT OF MY rain gauge since April 20. Just got my moms yard mowed complete last weekend, and my brother helped me with his small tractor and mower. And the farmer finally got the corn out last weekend. And it is up 2".
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    Quote Originally Posted by femurphy77 View Post
    Seems appropriate.

    My favorite Zeppelin song

    And yes. F this rain and crappy weather

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    I think my backyard may be underwater...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MontereyC6 View Post
    Beech Grove, near the high school.
    The tornado sirens were going off as I was getting ready to go to bed. I'm a few miles west of Beech Grove. Not seeing any damage in my yard so far but it's not quite light yet. I'm pretty sure I had a big branch break off our Mountain Ash yesterday just from the weight of the rain. Wasn't windy at the time and I was sitting on the deck and heard a long, slow cracking sound. Haven't been out to verify yet.

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