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    This @#$!! RAIN!

    Man! Is it cramping my style!

    Spent all day dealing with a minor health scare for Pop, and towing the baby's new (to her) popup camper home, so no mowing yesterday. Sprang out of bed this a.m. ready to mow... Well, poop.

    I was able to run several loads through my new (to me) Scott and son double barrel. I think I finally have a keeper.

    Anyone else as frustrated as I am with this weather? I know the farmers are pulling their hair out.
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    We were blessed this week camping in Madison. Stopped raining when we arrived and stayed nice through hanging and cleaning the tents up once we got home. So this rainy day I guess I can't complain about. Hard day to get motivated. Might watch Highwaymen again on Netflix.

    My youngest has camp next week. Like 50% of rain everyday. I hope they get some dry time. As far as the farmers go, I don't remember a season getting off to such a slow start.

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    Sigh. Good luck with the mowing. I got the front yard late yesterday. Unfortunately, it has often been about finding dry windows to mow rather than a semi-regular time. My weather forecast shows more substantial rain tomorrow and at least a chance of rain 10/11 days thereafter.
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    Friggin fraggin riggin raggin....
    I hear They call him Flipper. Yes... yes, I'm serious.

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    I still care....Really
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadeyeChrista'sdad View Post
    Friggin fraggin riggin raggin....
    I feel ya-man.

    Been down over a week with dental issues. Finally able to get back in the game. Day planned. Woke up to this.

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    Haven't been able to get the tractor in the woods in some time. Any hi grade slope and it just slides.
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    The rain makes it so that I don't have to water the flowers.

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    I got some tungsten dura coat, stripped an AR and did the upper, lower and rail. Tempting to reassembly before cured...
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    Wife mowed Thursday night in anticipation of the rain this weekend and also to open up the weekend for FUN outside. Oh well, ran an errand to Bloomington that wasn't weather related and I have an engine to tear down now in anticipation of dropping it off at the machinist Wednesday.
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    Glad I got a little outside stuff done yesterday. Re-fixed the steering on my riding mower (a bolt had either come loose, or else I didn't tighten it down the first time I fixed it), trimmed an overgrown bush outside the bedroom window and did the grocery shopping. A buddy of mine had mowed for me on Wednesday, so didn't have to do that. Today I washed the sheets and bedspread and have taken them for two test drives (naps) late this morning and after lunch. It's excellent sleeping weather. Just went out to get the mail and there's a couple of inches of water standing in the front yard.

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