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View Poll Results: Do you drive around town with your windows up or down on a nice day?

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  • I always roll the windows down in nice weather.

    64 79.01%
  • I choose to keep my windows up

    17 20.99%
  • I don't have an auto or pickemup truck. Bacon

    1 1.23%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Grandmaster eldirector's Avatar

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    Noticed this myself today. Too many cars with the windows up. Folks shut themselves off from the world.

    Wife and I had the windows down and the top open in the Jeep this evening. Too nice NOT to.

    Before I sold my TJ, the doors came off sometime in May, and the windows out, and it stayed that way all summer. Looking forward to my NEXT Jeep, so I can do that again.
    Ryan "ElDirector"

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    Sharpshooter Old Dog's Avatar

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    I usually take my top off in nice weather!
    The colors red, white, and blue stand for freedom until they are flashing behind you.

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    Expert Super Bee's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by GLOCKMAN23C View Post
    In nice weather, nothing more relaxing than a drive, windows down, music up.

    This right here.

    I will admit to running the A/C with the windows down at times.

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    Master Bapak2ja's Avatar

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    Some of us still have hair that blows in the eyes. Hard to stay in one's lane at 70mph with hair interfering with one's vision. The wind also plays havoc on the contact lenses. Of course, when I am wearing my cowboy hat, my prescription sunglasses, and heading for the range, I "roll the windows down, turn the radio up and let the wind blow through my hair."
    ďA man's got to do what a man's got to do.Ē John Wayne

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    Mickey Mantle Trigger Time's Avatar

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    Window down, full blast AC lol.
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    Grandmaster KellyinAvon's Avatar

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    Pickup truck with A/C on and windows down, Indiana tradition.
    INGOer #25,448

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    PATRIOT indyjohn's Avatar

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    Windows halfway down, sunroof open, doors locked. I travel around downtown. Keep it safe, have a good time.
    "A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both."
    - Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    I was driving across the causeway at Griffy lake today, elbow out the window. Very rarely use the AC.

    I about drove in the water, watching a topless chick in a kayak...

    ...****ing man bun...
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    Expert jkaetz's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigtanker View Post
    My range is pretty narrow and on the cooler side. I'd say between 50 and 60 around town, the windows are down in my pickup. If the humidity is up, so are the windows. Anything above 75 is hot to me.

    Our minivan suffers from "inside thunder" as the kids call it. Bernoulli effect is what Tom and Ray from Cartalk called it. So the windows are almost always up.
    If you can remove the pressure differential it should stop. To open the sunroof in either of our vehicles you need to crack the windows to stop the effect. Some combination of front/rear should help your situation.

    I open windows or go topless as long as I'm not sweating buckets or taking a double digit mile trip on a highway. AC reserved for 85+ and high humidity.

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    Nice day means windows down. Of course Iím used to cruising down 101 next to the beach, but the principle is the same.

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