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Poll: Do you leave your house windows up or down on nice days?

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    Do you leave your house windows up or down on nice days?

    Going on Alpo's excellent thread, I was wondering how many of us leave our home windows open as weather permits?
    Done, done, and Im on to the next one...

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    Master Bapak2ja's Avatar

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    Ours are open whenever possible. When it gets too hot (>85 in the house), we close up and use the AC, but that only happens for 2-3 weeks every year. Even then, we usually open he windows a night.
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    Grandmaster patience0830's Avatar

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    Alergies can dictate but at 60 or less, I'm a fan of opening them at nite.
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    Marksman rosejm's Avatar

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    Neither I, nor the maid do windows...

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    Windows down about 85% of the summer. The humidity has to real high for me to run the A/C.

    I work in a very chilly medical office and am cold most days.
    Ironically, today it was actually warm at work. Our chunky employees were in hell.

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    Grandmaster femurphy77's Avatar

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    Yes as weather permits but my definition of weather permitting is very restrictive.
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    Home on the Range chocktaw2's Avatar

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    No, wife would shoot me with her 686.
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    Grandmaster DoggyDaddy's Avatar

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    I would have voted "none of the above" (well, except for Bacon). I open them from time to time when it's warmish (68-72 or so) outside just to get some fresh air. Much hotter or colder than that and they're closed.

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    Maybe just my vivid imagination, but dealing with summer heat seems much more tolerable when being in the AC is the exception instead of the rule?
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    I still care....Really
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    Open/closed is temp/humidity dependent. I like having them open on cool nights and into the morning until it gets hot.

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