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    Here Kitty, Kitty...

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    I hate the word "snap", and I hate when "literally" and "figuratively" are used incorrectly
    With so many places beating dicks I think it's gonna hurt dicks bad.

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    I hate it when people (yes normally liberals, that, and people with "street cred") take a word, (any word) then change the meaning of said word to fit some new progressing meaning...
    You know what I like best about most people? Their dogs.

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    I've never heard my mother use the word 'moist'. Even when taking about baked goods it's always 'spongy' not moist.
    Less & less amused every day...
    INGO #467

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    You could put "craft" in there with "artisan"....
    Oh, look I only drink craft beers.... it's beer...
    Bunch of hipsters.

    Oh and then people adding "and what not" at the end of the sentence....

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    I hate when people craft their own words and what not.

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    When people say twiced or twicet instead of twice.
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    If you are using that word in your speech or writing you have a 99% chance of using it improperly.

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    "Textes" (rhymes with Texas)


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    Quote Originally Posted by mkgr22 View Post
    That would got overused by Bevis and Betthead.

    Oh wait....

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