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    Quote Originally Posted by VUPDblue View Post
    I'm not talking "clip" vs "magazine" or the like, I'm talking about words that on their face just annoy the crap out of you.

    For me, one of those words is "artisan" or any of its derivatives. I loathe hearing or seeing that word. To me, its perhaps the most annoying word in the world.

    Maybe you you should get a hobby

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    I hate how all the younger set call everything “perfect.”

    You order a side with you entree and the waitress responds with “perfect”
    Eating beavers just to help save trees.

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    My favorite word to hate is "probably". So many people have no idea that there are 2 "B"s in the word, and my favorite destruction is "prolly" --- REALLY!

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    Many words irritate me. Pretty much all that have been mentioned, but since you axed.....
    NRA - Life

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    ^^^^. Lol
    Eating beavers just to help save trees.

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    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Hate that saying.
    Life isn't like a box of chocolates, it's more like a jar of Jalapenos. What you do today may burn your ass tomorrow.

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    Hate the word and the product.

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    The word Decimate (reduce by 10%) when they really mean Obliterate (destroy totally).

    That and:
    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Freeman View Post
    A confused cop is an arresty cop.
    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierdoc View Post
    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    Conservative and liberal (definition for both could be "I'm right and you're wrong!)

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    I have plenty of hobbies. *****ing on the internet about words I hate is among them.

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